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African Union turned into handmaiden for Pax Americana – Sophia Tesfamariam

Sophia Tesfamariam  Professor Ali A. Mazrui, Director of the Institute of Global Cultural  Studies and Albert Schweitzer Professor in the Humanities State  University of New York, in his 2003 article "Between Pax Americana  and Pax Africana", wrote about the effects of the September 11  attacks on Africa and US policy in Africa . Professor Mazrui, […]

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Press Release: Neither Gabon Nor Nigeria Represent Africa in The UN Security Council

There are some quarters who try  to imply  the draft  proposal  that is being co­ sponsored  and circulated by Gabon and Nigeria, requesting the  UN Security Council to further a sanction  against  Eritrea, as being presented  on behalf  of Africa. This insinuation is entirely wrong and sheer deception. Eritrean   issues,  in  relation   to  Ethiopia  and  […]

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Eritrea slams Ethiopia for AU summit plot allegations

Eritrea Denies Backing Rebels Jailed for Planning Ethiopian Summit Attack By William Davison | Bloomberg Eritrea denied providing support to an Ethiopian rebel group that had 14 members jailed earlier this month for a plot to bomb an African Union summit. Ethiopia’s government said on June 9 that members of the Oromo Liberation Front who […]

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