Sgarbi in Eritrea: “Italy in the Enhancement of the Architectural Heritage of Asmara UNESCO Site”



Africa / Sgarbi in Eritrea: “Italy is an Active Part in the Enhancement of the Architectural Heritage of Asmara, since 2017 UNESCO Site”


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August 20, 2019



ROME – Vittorio Sgarbi, deputy of the Chamber, for several days in Eritrea, yesterday met, during the inauguration of the Expo of Cultures, the President of Eritrea Isaias Afewerki and the former Ambassador of Eritrea in Italy, Zemede Tekle , today Commissioner for Sport and Culture.



“I came to Asmara to learn about the artistic heritage of the city, after traveling to Ethiopia and Libya, following the inclusion of Asmara as a World Heritage Site in 2017, Unesco World Heritage.



My goal, also in the meeting with President Afwerki and the Culture Commissioner of the Eritrean government, Zemede Tekle, is to involve Italy in direct responsibility in the enhancement and protection of the artistic heritage of Asmara which is added to the 55 Unesco Italian sites. In fact the 56th Unesco site of Italy.



In fact, Asmara can be considered not only an Eritrean site, but an Italian one.



The first act of this cultural responsibility is to support the commitment of our embassy and to promote the opening of the Italian Cultural Institute at the headquarters of the “House of Italians”. In coordination and integration of UNESCO action.



The UNESCO initiative, with this choice, imposes an active cultural part of Italy in the defense of Asmara.



It is not only possible to ask Eritreans to support an architectural heritage that is the first along with that of Milan, a city symbol of twentieth-century architecture. To this end, I propose a twinning with Milan, as well as the elaboration of historical research and audiovisual documentation on the Italian heritage in Asmara.



The meeting with the president also had as its object the need for a decisive intervention to safeguard the buildings bombed in Massaua.



There are many other twinning points with Italy, I think of the common coffee tradition.



Finally, I asked the Italian Embassy executives to evaluate the opportunity for a restoration of the altarpiece with the “Assunta” by Carlo Maratti, kept in the cathedral. I also spoke with the superior father of the cathedral to agree on the restoration modalities “



(In the photo from the left: Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki, Vittorio Sgarbi and the former Ambassador of Eritrea in Italy, Zemede Tekle, today Commissioner for Sport and Culture).