Eritrea: Seminar on Horn of Africa and China-Africa Relation



Workshop on New Era in Horn of Africa and implication for China-Africa relation


Asmara, 30 July 2019- The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China organized a workshop today, 30 July on the new era of peace and cooperation in the Horn of Africa and its implications for China-Africa relations.



Speaking at opening event, Mr. Yang Zigang, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Eritrea, said that China always insists a “four-uphold” approach in pursuing cooperation with Africa; uphold sincerity, friendship, equality and common interest and that the new era unfolding in the region will create favorable situation.



At the workshop, Chinese delegation led by Mr. Shu Zhan, former Chinese Ambassador to Eritrea gave extensive briefings on the China’s experience in the industry sector, initiation of China and Africa relation; the experience African countries could take from China, investment on education as well as other related issues.



The workshop was attended by representatives from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Information, National Development, PFDJ and other institutions.