Egypt’s Minister of Health conducts working visit in Eritrea




Egypt’s Minister of Health conducts working visit in Eritrea



shabait | Asmara, 13 May 2019- Dr. Hala Mustafa al-Seid, Minister of Health of the Republic of Egypt conducted official working visit in Eritrea on 11 May.



Ms. Amina Nurhussen, Minister of Health and Dr. Hala Mustafa met and held talks at Asmara Palace Hotel focusing on strengthening relations and cooperation between the two countries in the health sector.



The two Ministers accompanied by Mr. Yasser Ali Mahmud, Ambassador of Egypt in Eritrea, and heads of the Ministry of Health visited the Orotta Referral, Dembe Sembel, Halibet and Brhan Aini Hospitals and were provided briefings on the activities of the hospitals.





Minister Amina Nurhussen said that the visit of Dr. Hala will have significant contribution in strengthening the existing cooperation and sharing experiences between the two sides in the health sector.



Indicating the long years of historic relations between Eritrea and Egypt, Dr. Hala said that the visit is in continuation of the ongoing exchange of visits by officials of both countries and that will have significant contribution in taking it to the highest level.



Pointing out that Egypt will learn from the experience of the victory Eritrea achieved in controlling communicable diseases, Dr. Hala said that Eritrea will also learn from the experience Egypt had to go through to eradicate Yellow Fever.



Minister Amina also hosted dinner reception in honor of Dr. Hala and her delegation at the Asmara Palace Hotel.