Eritrean Migrant in Swiss Brings $16,500 to the Lost and Found Office





Asylum seeker brings CHF 16,500 to the lost property office



An asylum seeker stumbled on a flea market at 16,500 francs in a plastic bag. His honesty was rewarded.



16,500 Francs = US $16,741



Software Translation from German | Dec 25, 2018



At 16,500 francs, which he had picked up at the vending machine and stowed away in a plastic bag, an elderly man wanted to buy a car this spring. But at the flea market in Winterthur he lost his money. Good fortune for the man: An asylum seeker from Eritrea found the money and brought it to the lost property office. In addition to the finder’s reward, the older man then gave him 500 francs. This is reported by the “Sunday newspaper”. It is normal to help, the Eritrean is quoted as saying.



Michael Loetscher, the head of the lost property office of the Brühlgut Foundation in Winterthur, tells the newspaper that it is often poorer people who give cash in the lost property office. Often, even empty wallets would come to the office. Nevertheless, he was amazed how many honest people exist. A poll conducted by the “Sonntagszeitung” at Swiss lost property offices shows that almost every month finders hand in loose or minimally wrapped bills. Most of these are amounts ranging from twenty to several hundred francs.