Video: 2018 Eritrea September 1st Concert | 57th Anniversary



57th Anniversary of Armed Struggle for Independence Commemorated



Asmara, 01 September 2018- The 57th Anniversary of the armed struggle for Eritrea’s independence was observed today, 1 September with cultural programs at the Expo compound.



The program included musical performances and musical dramas highlighting the efforts of the successive powers to obliterate and if possible to eradicate the identity of the Eritrean people as well as the unity and resilience of the Eritrean people demonstrated against the enemy conspiracies.



In the same vein, the Eritrean National Festival that commenced yesterday, 31 August is undergoing with various cultural performances.



Expressing appreciation for the touching and entertaining cultural performances, the pilgrims to the festival called for strong control on the unfair prices on consumer good the social service rendering institutions are asking.



The festival that will be open until 8 September will feature children’s programs, innovation, pictorial exhibition, book shop, bazaar, educational and entertainment programs, talent shows as well as other activities.