Video: Eritrea To Claim Stake in Tourism




Eritrea To Claim Stake in Tourism | August 9, 2018



For many years Eritrea and Tourism would rarely go hand in hand but things are about to change.



Bordered by Sudan, Ethiopia and Djibouti, Eritrea occupies a strategic area in the Horn of Africa with more than 1000 km of coast on the Red Sea.



Despite the tough political and economic situation, and the odd travel restrictions, this country remains one of the most inspiring destinations in Africa.



Recently, Ethiopia’s prime minister Abiy Ahmed offered in June to make peace with Eritrea two decades after the start of a conflict in which an estimated 80,000 people died. Since signing an agreement in Asmara on July 9 to restore ties, this gateway to one of the world’s busiest shipping routes has found itself suddenly open for tourist business. Elayne Wangalwa tells us more.