Video: 26 Yr Old Eritrean Stabs and Kills a 46 Yrs Old Man in Switzerland

26 Year Old Eritrean Stabs and Kills a 46 Years Old Man in Switzerland
Software Translation from German | April 13, 2018




A 26-year-old man is said to have stabbed a 46-year-old. Both are from Eritrea. The alleged perpetrator was treated with hand injuries in the hospital Laufenburg and could therefore be caught by the police.



In Gipf-Oberfrick there was a homicide on Wednesday evening . Tatort is an older single-family house on the road, whose rooms were rented individually.



In the basement of the house, a resident discovered blood and alerted the police at 19.30. This found a lifeless man in the basement. The rescue service was only able to determine the death, as the cantonal police wrote in a message.



As is now known, the victim is a 46-year-old Eritrean. “The first investigation suggests that the victim’s injuries are caused by a knife,” said police spokesman Bernhard Graser. To get accurate information about the circumstances of death, the corpse at the Institute of Legal Medicine Aargau will be autopsied.



Arrest on the evening of the crime
The police arrested the alleged perpetrator on the evening of the crime. The 26-year-old Eritrean also lived in a room in the property. He was arrested at the hospital in Laufenburg, where he was treated for hand injuries.



“All the circumstances quickly suggested that the patient in question needed to be involved with the crime,” Graser said.



According to the police spokesman, the alleged perpetrator was interviewed by a prosecutor with an interpreter during the night on Thursday. “We can not give any information about his statements yet,” says Graser.



The motive and the background of the bloody deed are still unclear. The public prosecutor Rheinfelden-Laufenburg has opened a criminal investigation and has applied for remand.



Five residents
At the time of the crime, the property was home to five people – four Eritreans and one German citizen. They had each rented their own room, but shared kitchen, bathroom and toilet.



The German and three Eritreans have a residence permit B, an Eritrean lived under the status of provisional admission in Switzerland. All four Eritreans have thus received the asylum decision.



As communicated the municipality Gipf Oberfrick in a communiqué, the property belongs to a company, which does not have their domicile in the region. The leases were concluded privately and do not run through the community.



However, all Eritreans living in the property are dependent on social assistance and would be cared for by the Social Welfare Office. Whether it has recently been in the property to police operations and whether perpetrators and victims are known to the police, according to Bernhard Graser is currently still clarified.



Regine Leutwyler, Gemeindeammann von Gipf-Oberfrick, was on site the evening after the crime, not least to organize accommodation for the other tenants. “It’s bad that such a terrible thing happened to us in the village. We are very concerned, “she said on Thursday to the AZ.