Four Injured after Eritreans and Afghan Migrants Clashed at a German Refugee Accommodation

Four injured after brawl in Nordhäuser Gemeinschaftsunterkunft



Software Translation from German | March 14, 2018  


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In a shared accommodation for unaccompanied minor refugees in Nordhausen there was a major conflict. Four refugees were injured.



Nordhausen. Four teenagers were injured  and damaged furniture as the result of a dispute in a Nordhäuser shared accommodation for unaccompanied minors.


According to police were on Monday evening, shortly before 22 clock, at least 20 young people from Afghanistan and Eritrea first verbally clashed.



When a part of the group armed themselves with slatted frames and other pieces of furniture, the situation escalated. For example, the adolescents had attacked each other, with four residents injured having to be treated in hospital.



Only when the police arrived, the situation calmed down. The participants were separated. Presumably, the theft of a mobile phone and a physical altercation between two residents in the afternoon and early evening led to the escalation, police said.



The investigation to this end was still ongoing. In cooperation with the operator of the facility, those affected could be separated in the evening. Further accommodation must now be decided by the competent authorities. The resulting property damage is estimated to be at least 1500 euros.