Eritrean Migrant Sent to Jail After Brutally Raped a 22-Year-Old Swedish Girl that Later Died

Eritrean Migrant Sent to Jail After Brutally Raped a 22-year-old Swedish Girl that Later Died



The rapist smashed the victim’s face when he raped her. Now the woman is dead.


The woman died after the rape – so now he avoids expulsion and damages



Software Translation from Swedish | January 8, 2018 





The woman felt very bad after being raped by and died shortly after the brutal abuse. Because she is dead, the African does not pay compensation. He also releases expulsion and is sentenced to the minimum penalty of the unusually generous district court.



It was just before the 20th of August, 2017, that a woman was raped at the hostel “Step In” in Gällivare.



The rapist was a 19-year-old neo-immigrant immigrant from Eritrea. The African entered the woman’s room and forced her to intercourse by striking her face, bending her legs and laying over her and holding her mouth.



After the rape, the woman had pain between the legs, tenderness, bruising, redness, skin damage, swelling and wounds. Her face was so bad that she looked “grotesque”, according to a witness.



When the woman was interrogated by the police, she told her that a man who lived in the same hostel felt the accused, resulting in the Eritrean being arrested. He was arrested and detained on August 27, 2017, SVT wrote .



Before the trial was held, however, the woman, who had previously spent a lot of time helping African asylum seekers, died.



After the rape she had to feel very bad and been afraid. According to a witness, she was threatened by an African friend of the rapist after reporting the assault. Another witness stated that she did not dare to stay at the hostel because she suspected that the Africans would “come back and revenge.”



General documents released by Free Times show that the rapist is a citizen of Eritrea. He claims to be born in February of 1998, but on the dating site “Badoo” he instead indicates the age of 22.



In December 2017, Gällivare District Court announced the verdict. The sentence became two years in prison, which is the minimum punishment for rape.



The prosecutor demanded that he be expelled to Eritrea, but the district court dismissed that decision with reference to an opinion from the Migration Board about the situation in the African country.



Because the woman has died, the African does not pay damages to her.



“It is regrettable that she did not get settled because she died before the verdict came,” said prosecutor Ulla-Karin Lindström to the Norwegian Social Democrat.