Holland Immigration and Naturalization Service Will Screen Eritreans Different

Holland Immigration and Naturalization Service Will Screen Eritreans Differently



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www.telegraaf.nl | November 24, 2017





THE HAGUE – The Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) wants to be able to better determine whether future travelers from Eritrea are eligible for a residence permit. In order to achieve this goal, documents that have not been issued by the Eritrean state are looked into in the future. Also, DNA research is made possible earlier, when it comes to blood relatives.



People from Eritrea who want to join family members who are already in the Netherlands often do not have official documents. And the official papers that are submitted are often falsified. That is why the IND now also wants to weigh unofficial documents, such as a marriage certificate from a church. Until now this only happened when official proof could not be delivered.



A DNA test can now also be carried out earlier. Before that, it was also awaited until it became clear that no official papers could be shown.



The IND has been extra alert for applications from Eritreans for some time, because abuse or fraud often occurs.



The Ministry of Justice and Security indicated earlier this year that there are indications that Eritreans in the Netherlands are offering themselves for fee as marriage partners in the country of origin.



Source: http://www.telegraaf.nl/nieuws/1328112/ind-gaat-nareizigers-eritrea-anders-screenen