Video: 28 Yrs Old Eritrean Man Dies after a Fire Accident in Germany’s Refugee Shelter


After fire in Bamberg: Dead refugee identified


Software Translation from German | November 16, 2017



28 Yrs Old Eritrean Man Dies after a Fire Accident in Germany's Refugee Shelter



The body found after the fire in the Bamberg refugee shelter is identified. It is a 28 year old man from Eritrea. He was probably responsible for the fire himself.



The investigators assume a “negligent use of smoking equipment,” said the Upper Franconian police and the Bamberg prosecutor in a press release. The 28-year-old man from Eritrea is said to have started the fire himself. This would have resulted from the assessment by an expert of the Bavarian State Office for Criminal Investigation, the use of a specially trained detection dog and the questioning of other residents.



No delay through security



The fire department had been alerted at about 3 o’clock in the morning. A refugee had reported that the fire had broken out earlier – and the security service had not called the fire department right away. There is no reliable evidence in the previous investigation, the police. “We do not assume at the moment that the fire has been reported too late,” a police spokesman told the BR.



Fire on Wednesday morning



Early Wednesday morning (11/15/17) it had come in an apartment in the Bamberger recording device to the devastating fire. 15 people were slightly injured by the heavy smoke in the building. During firefighting , the fire brigade found the now identified 28-year-old man dead in a burnt-out room .



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