Video: 34 Yr Old Eritrean Dies after a Knife Attack in Swiss Bar

34 Yr Old Eritrean Dies after a Knife Attack in Swiss Bar



34 Yr Old Eritrean Dies after a Knife Attack in Swiss Bar





Software Translation from German | November 2, 2017





In a bar on Baselstrasse there was an argument during the night on Thursday. The attacker has inflicted fatal injuries on an Eritrean with a knife.



Shortly after midnight on Thursday morning, a quarrel between two guests took place at the Loco Bar on Baselstrasse. The attacker inflicted severe injuries to the 34-year-old victim from Eritrea with a knife, the police said. The victim died at the scene. The culprit was able to flee on foot towards the city center.




Again and again brawls


An eyewitness reports that around 3 o’clock a hearse and several cars of the forensics were driven up. “The fire department locked everything off. The large squad was on site until shortly before 5 o’clock. »



“I’m not surprised that something like this has happened,” says the eyewitness. “I live here for many years and in this bar there were always fights.” The witness says further: “The police are not interested in Basel Street. There are always problems. The localities are regularly open until 5am, although the law provides for closure at half past twelve. “



Spokesman Kurt Graf can not confirm that the Lucerne police are not interested in Basel Street: “Our patrols and plainclothes police are traveling a lot at hotspots such as the train station or Baselstrasse.”



Police are looking for witnesses


The police are looking for witnesses. Persons who have observed the crime or are able to provide information about the refugee or their escape route are requested to contact the Lucerne police.



The offender’s signal: The unknown man is about 35 years old and about 180 cm tall, of a white skin color, has dark hair and wore a light jacket.