Video: Migrant’s Desperate Journey to USA through S. America



The Darien Gap — A Desperate Journey | October 9, 2017



Migrant's Desperate Journey to USA through S. America




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A 60-mile stretch of virgin jungle forms the border between Colombia and Panama. It’s the only break in more than 19,000 miles of highway that connects the Arctic Ocean and the southern tip of South America.


It’s called the Darien Gap – and it’s a fabled, legendary no-man’s land that’s bedeviled the most storied adventurers, members of the American military, and legions of would-be migrants. But it doesn’t put them off. Even today, tens of thousands of migrants a year risk their lives to cross it.



We’re just ready to leave camp and, we saw yet another migrant group. It’s a big one. Probably about 20 huge or so.


I meet a man who says he’s from Eritrea.



“This is bad trip… bad trip, bad trip. Not coming here another time. This river. Very, very, very difficult.”



His harrowing journey started in South Sudan. He transited through Uganda and Rwanda and then got to Brazil, and flew on to Peru. From there he made his way up to Ecuador, where he says he got mugged and robbed, before making it to Colombia. He has six more borders to cross before reaching the U.S.



For the next four hours, we crisscross the Darien’s rivers to our final camp. The next day, Shahab and a steady stream of others will emerge from the jungle and turn themselves into the Panamanian authorities.



“I’m a refugee. I’m a refugee..