Eritrean Mom Raped by ISIS in Libya, PTSD Diagnosis Blamed for Killing Child

Video: Eritrean Mom Raped by ISIS in Libya, PTSD Diagnosis Blamed for Killing Child




Video: Eritrean Mom Raped by ISIS in Libya, PTSD Diagnosis Blamed for Killing Child



In the case of the “Bleiche” found at B 432 in Sülfeld (LN reported), the psychiatrist presented his opinion on Friday. The accused mother of the child is apparently only to a lesser extent to blame.



Software Translation from German | September 9, 2017



Eritrean Mom Raped by ISIS in Libya, PTSD Diagnosis Blamed for Killing Child



Kiel / Sülfeld . The defendant in the trial of the baby killed from Sülfeld is apparently only diminished. This is the result of psychiatry Thomas Bachmann in his final report, which he presented on Friday before the Kiel regional court.



According to his analysis, Rozina suffered from a severe depression as well as a post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of the events on her flight from Eritrea to Germany. The 23-year-old was raped there for weeks by Muslim militiamen ISIS. The psychiatrist said that she had adulterated memories of the birth of her child and of her possible killing – the woman had prescribed “no child” on the first day of the trial – is against this background at least plausible.





Previously, he had reported extensively on a conversation with Rozina G. Unlike during the trial, she had by no means denied her pregnancy and birth. In fact, according to her descriptions, she had tried to displace the subject. In the moments when she was conscious, she was in fear of “a life with a child who does not have a father”. During these reflections, she had also suffered from flashbacks of rape or “fell” as she expressed herself, thus becoming unconscious. This also fits according to Bachmann’s assessment of PTSD diagnosis (PTSD is defined as a mental disorder that arises from the experience of traumatic life events).


“It has also been noticed that there is no binding to the child,” said Bachmann. G. had conceded to him that she had no feelings of motherhood. “There is no fault, it must be born,” was one of the few personal expressions she had made to the child.



The birth of the daughter, after the church community of Sülfeld, was postponed to the name of Teresa, Rozina G. had evidently been more conscious of when she claimed her in court. She told the psychiatrist that the child was dead when she was born. “God has brought it to himself.” Thus the accused described it. When asked what she had done, she only said, “Let’s go.”



The corpse had been found in a yellow plastic bag along with clothing. The responsible lawyer also assumes that the little girl after the birth has definitely lived. However, Rozina G. vehemently disputes a conscious killing of the child. It also does not have feelings of guilt because, in its opinion, it did not commit any crime.



Der Sarg mit dem Baby, das am 15. Oktober 2015 tot an einer Bushaltestelle gefunden wurde.

The coffin with the baby, which was found dead on a bus stop


The fact that the history of rape by the militia is only a protective claim, concludes psychiatrist Bachmann. When the conversation came to the subject, she had reacted with great distraction and despair. This had not been the case. All in all, therefore, it was to be assumed that the control capacity of Rozina G. was considerably limited when the daughter was born, Bachmann noted.



The process will continue on 2 October with the pleadings.