Video: Eritrean Toddler Falls from 2nd Floor Window in Switzerland

After horror crash: Now the mother explains how the accident happened



Software Translation from German | September 4, 2017



On Monday, a toddler rushed out of a window. The 16-month-old girl fell about six meters into the depth. Now the mother explains how the accident happened.



The little one, who dropped six meters from a window on Monday , is getting better. “She still has pain and does not move quickly, but she calls for Mom and Dad again,” says her mother Lemlem H. opposite Tele M1. The Eritrean girl is recovering from the horror fall in the Children’s Hospital Zurich.



Arsema had climbed over the parents’ bed on the window frames. Because of the hot temperatures the couple had aired in the bedroom while preparing the breakfast in the kitchen.



“Our daughter was playing – unfortunately, I did not realize she climbed on the windowsim,” the mother said.



You probably saved a rose tree in the garden life, the plant has cushioned the fall of the child somewhat.



On Wednesday, Lemlem had to tell the police how the accident happened. Whether the incident has legal consequences can not be said yet.







Eritrean Toddler Falls from 2nd Floor Window in Switzerland, Parents Might Get Punished for Neglect





After the fall of the toddler: threatens the parents a punishment?  | September 4, 2017



On Monday, a toddler collapsed from a window into the depths and survived tightly. Parents must expect the prosecution against them because of breach of the duty of care.



A 16-month-old girl from a multi-family house in Aarburg crashed around six meters deep on Monday. It was injured in a hospital in Zurich brought. From there soon came the news that it was beyond the danger of life. The parents were able to breathe.



The four-headed family comes from Eritrea. The parents look good on their children. They are decent and quiet people, as Tele M1 has learned from neighbors.



Neighbor Marco Muff is protecting the parents: “You try to monitor your child as much as possible.” In fact, this is not possible. ”



Violation of due diligence?



But the horror could have consequences for the parents. As Markus Leimbacher, attorney in Brugg, runs against Tele M1, the parents could threaten a procedure for violation of the duty of care. This is because, according to the first information, they were not in the same room when the child fell from the window.



“The police and the prosecutor’s office will only have to check whether a criminal offense exists,” says Leimbacher. If this is true, the parents could be sentenced to a monetary or imprisonment for negligent bodily harm.



Domestic dangers



How TeleM1 learned from a neighbor, the girl climbed over a bed on the window sill. According to “we parents” Chefredaktorin Karen Schärer falls in addition to burns and the drowning to the largest dangers in the household. Such falls could be prevented. “You have to be aware that children, even if no furniture is standing in front of a window, can push a chair,” she says, pointing to the possibility of providing window security.