Video: Italy Evicts Eritrean and Ethiopian Migrants from a Building in Rome




Video: Italy Evicts Eritrean and Ethiopian Migrants from a Building in Rome



Software Translation from Italian | August 22, 2017



Via Curtatone, cleared and without alternative. And Independence Square cleared without alternative. 



Posters with Jesus, the saints, the Madonna. “I took them to my country, but find them here too if you want them.” This was my room. ” The woman, Eritrea and refugee politician, sits on the pavement of Independence Square beside her suitcases, trying to order her religious posters so as not to ruin them.


“This was my home for three years, what will I do, nothing, I will not do anything.” On the third day after the eviction of refugees from the palace of Via Curtatone, near the Roma Termini station, which was mainly occupied by asylum seekers and refugees from Eritrea and Ethiopia, the situation does not mention evolution: Independence Square continues to be a camp Open skies where packs rise, black garbage bags full of evicted refugee objects, mattresses, improvised tables.


Start a “census” .  Broken meats . After the third night on the street (“we do not even know where to change our underwear”), exasperation among refugees grows. “You do nothing,” many women cry to journalists present. “Register and keep everything for you, because nothing has changed, we’re left alone and nobody does anything.” They live on the street and in the street they also go to the bathroom, they tell. “The bathrooms are broken for them,” says the corner bartender. And so it’s all about the exercises around the area: as UNICEF reported, “the bartenders in the area hurriedly set off the signs to warn of broken baths, and, incidentally, just at the same time as clearing. Migrants to do their needs and wash themselves. “


Rome “can not be like Rio de Janeiro,” says Andrea Iacomini, spokeswoman for Unicef ​​Italia . “I want to keep in mind that all the people who went out were regular, with a lot of passports and jobs.” The condemnation of associations is unanimous: “The sudden disappearance of a palace occupied by 2013 from a community largely composed of refugees and asylum seekers of the Horn of Africa, shows again the absence of a series of assistance and accommodation policies By the capitol authorities “, today Gianni Rufini, general manager of Amnesty International Italia. “The clearing was done in the absence of an alternative housing solution, with the result that hundreds of people (including children and disabled people) were forced to sleep in the square in front of the cleared building or other places of fortune.”


Not only: ” Paradoxically, the fact is that the Italian state, by granting political asylum, has decided to give protection to many of these people and subsequently to deny them any form of assistance. We hope that the current meetings and negotiations can take place in ‘Immediately provide safe housing for the evicted and lay the foundations for a serious political welcome by the municipality of Rome, which is urgently needed.’ The UN refugee agency, the UNHCR, also speaks of “great concern”



Italy Evicts Eritrean and Ethiopian Migrants from a Building in Rome