Eritrean Woman (24) Killed After thrown from 5th Floor, Husband (35) Arrested

Eritrean Woman (24) Killed After thrown from 5th Floor, Husband (35) Arrested

Eritrean Woman (24) Killed After thrown from 5th Floor, Husband (35) Arrested



Eritrean Woman (24) Killed After Thrown from 5th Floor, Husband (35) Arrested


BELLINZONA, Switzerland TI – Yemane T. (24) thrown from the fifth floor. The mother of two children (2 and 3) was immediately killed. Her husband Kesete H. (35) was arrested.



Software Translation from German | July 5, 2017



A garden hose rinses the blood into the gulli. A few cut flowers lie in the puddle. Almost cruel the sun shines on the backyard of Via San Gottardo. Here Yemane dies * (24). Yesterday evening, about ten o’clock, the young Eritrean fell from the fifth floor to the asphalt. 


Many things speak for murder . “We heard a dull sound,” Rocco tells Pandiscia (52) from the block of flats. The Ticino also lives on the 5th floor. He rushes to his balcony.
“The young woman was lying down in the courtyard. She did not move any more. The man stood on the balcony of the family. He shouted in his own language, “Rocco Pandiscia recalls.” I immediately called the ambulance. “The help comes too late. Yemane died on impact.


The woman lay on her stomach in the backyard


Merlak Jabro (20) even witnesses the contest on the balcony. “I was just in the kitchen, looking out the window and the Eritrean struck his wife,” says the young Syrian. Then he heard a terrible death cry. Seconds later, Merlak Jabro also looks into the backyard: “The woman was lying on the ground on the floor.”


Other neighbors are coming. Eufenia Ferreira (50): “It was all blood. She must have hit her head. “But,” said the houseress, “the violence in the house of the Eritreans was not new.





In April, the refugee family moved into the six-story block of flats in Bellinzona TI. Kesete H. had come to Switzerland three years ago and had taken up his family. But the marriage is unhappy.


“He suddenly held her over the railing”


“About a month ago we heard the two quarreling,” says Merlak Jabro, “a friend of mine sat on our balcony. He watched the man beat the woman. Suddenly he lifted her and held her over the railing. “


The neighbors intervene immediately, shout to the Eritrean. “But he just said we do not care, that was his culture,” says Merlak Jabro. The police are arriving back then. But nothing happens to the violent family father. The woman stays in Via San Gottardo. Your death sentence.


Only hours after the bloodshed yesterday Kapo hangs the husband Kesete H. – he is accused of willful killing. * Name d. Red



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