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Foods to Avoid for Better Oral Health | February 17, 2017


When it comes to your oral health, prevention is the best way to maintain healthy teeth and gums. The foods you eat have a big effect on the condition of your mouth. Try to avoid the following foods to improve your oral health and decrease your risk for cavities, decay, and periodontal disease:


Sugary Drinks


Sugar is terrible for your teeth. When you drink beverages that are high in sugar like soda and juice, the sugar coats your teeth. If you do not clean it off, it can mix with bacteria that already exist in your mouth and eventually cause major problems. If you want to reduce your risk for cavities, you should try to limit the amount of sugary beverages you drink. If you do have one, drink some water after to clear out your mouth before the sugar and bacteria can join forces.




You might not think that ice is bad for your teeth, but chewing it can drastically increase your chances of a dental emergency. The more you chew on ice, the likelier it is that you will chip or break a tooth and need to take an emergency visit to your dentist.




Although citrus fruits like oranges are considered healthy, they might damage your teeth. Acid from citrus food wears down your enamel, which weakens your teeth. You should drink water after eating or drinking citrus flavors to save your enamel and keep your teeth strong.




Since alcohol leads to dehydration, drinking it excessively might decrease your natural saliva production. Your body produces saliva to clean out the mouth. Without this saliva, you are at a higher risk for decay and cavities.


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