Police Charge 3 Suspects in Multi-State Credit Card Theft

Video: Police Charge 3 Suspects in Multi-State Credit Card Theft

Police: 3 Suspects charged in multi-state credit card theft scheme

By Courtney Bryant | www.kmov.com | April 14, 2016

LADUE, Mo. (KMOV.com) – Three suspects have been charged in what police are calling a multi-state credit card theft scheme.

Kayla Burleson, Fana Kiros, and Haben Sebhatu face felony charges of trafficking in stolen identities and possession of a forgery instrument, police say.

The three were arrested in the early morning after a traffic stop for speeding on I-64 at McKnight Road.

The officer reported smelling marijuana in the car, which led to a search, revealing over 100 credit and debit cards, a laptop computer, and credit card reader/writer device.

According to police, those are telltale signs of what is now becoming a common crime.

“We also found a number of gift cards in there,” said Sergeant Ray Hahs of the Ladue Police Department. “It’s very common to use the stolen credit cards or re-encoded credit cards, and then they'll buy gift cards and they'll take the gift cards and buy whatever items they want, so that it’s very difficult to track."

Police say the suspects came to the St. Louis area from Seattle and made several stops.

“We believe they flew into Chicago, rented a car in Chicago, and then they went through Indianapolis, then came down this way, and went into Arkansas,” said Hahs.

Police say it is unclear whose identities may be on those stolen cards, or how many victims are located in the St. Louis area.

Source: http://www.kmov.com/story/31584794/police-suspects-charged-in-multi-state-credit-card-theft-scheme

Police Charge 3 Suspects in Multi-State Credit Card Theft