Eritreans With a New Course Record: Solomon wins the Wintercup Race

Wehbach race

Eritreans With a New Course Record: Solomon wins the Wintercup Race


Wehbach. A strong field and good conditions – so this time the Asdorflauf in Wehbach, the third round of the 12 showed Endurance Wintercup. Ruled in early 2013 right winter conditions with ice and bitter cold wind, so quite a few runners ventured this time even with summer clothing at the start and not complained – on the contrary: "That was pleasant to walk," said reaction in the target.

This "nice-to-run-feeling" inspired many to push right up the pace on the officially measured course. However, in addition plenty of new personal bests special attention was devoted to the presentation of the two runners from Eritrea, Berhare Eyob Yohannes Hailu Solomon and Atey, who met for the first time – and the duel was won by 20-year-old Solomon, new addition to the SG Wenden, against the 22 years Atey in the jersey of TuS Deuz.

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