Emerging Artists: Meet The ERiAM Sisters



By SGZ Staff | December, 2013

Have you heard of the EriAm Sisters? Well, keep an ear out.

The teen sisters, Lianda, 19, Salina, 18, and Haben Abraham, 15, found their spotlight while making it as semi-finalists on “America’s Got Talent” in 2009. They were hailed by judges as the “next Destiny’s Child.”

Raised with music as an integral part of their lives, the three started singing as a trio in their pre-teens, but, finding their place within the music world was tricky as they tried to incorporate their African and Eritrean roots. While each listens to different kinds of music, such as rock and country, the three share a love for R&B.

“We like to say it’s R&B pop with a different twang to it,” said Salina in an interview with Essence.

Since their appearance on “America’s Got Talent,” the Seattle Theatre Group has featured the girls as the best young artist of 2009; the mayor of Renton City, Wash., Denis Law, handed the girls a key to the city and declared Sept. 21 to be EriAm Sisters Day in Renton City for their musical contribution at young ages. They also have been touring, performing in cities such as Washington, D.C., Oakland and Stockholm, as well as in Eritrea.

The sisters have released a couple of original songs, including “BFF” and “Diary.” The song “Diary,” written by the then 12-year-old Haben, made it to No. 1 on Hot Radio 105.7 in Montgomery, Ala., for five weeks.

The sisters, who’ve been working with multi-platinum producer Andrew Lane and DJ Freestyle Steve, the official DJ of Timbaland, are currently working on their debut album, and know music is exactly what they want to do.

“That’s all we could ever ask for,” Salina said in her Essence interview.