Robiel Habtom’s Dead Body Recovered in France

Robiel Habtom

Robiel Habtom's Dead Body Recovered in France  

QUINGENTOLE . It was recovered the body of Robiel Habtom, twenty-five Eritrean who died in France, after just one week after his departure from Quinton, where he had lived four months with relatives.

The police in Calais – after losing valuable time in the first moments after the incident at sea, in which the young man had been involved – thanks to the pressures put in place by the family of Robiel, has resumed research in the waters of the harbor front and with the aid of divers found the body.

The confirmation of the terrible news, which takes away any lingering hope of the family, was given charge of the investigation by the inspector to Robiel aunt, Roberta Mazzeo, of Eritrean origin but Italian citizen, who lives in Quinton for twenty years, which is not has never yielded, moved and French newspapers and Italian authorities to urge the police to carry out serious research. The award was made by friends compatriots living in France. The same people who were with Robiel on the boat to England and sank during the crossing of the English Channel. To confirm the fact that the body emerged from the sea while scuba divers belongs to the young Eritrean, there are the tattoos, the relative has described to the police.

Now the body, composed of Calais hospital morgue, is under power of attorney. An autopsy will be performed, which will provide more precise answers about the cause of death since a month ago, on 9 October. The currently most accepted hypothesis is that this was a tragic accident, as reported by his friends ended up in the sea with Robiel, but you are saved.

Clearer answers anyway Aunt Roberta, will have them in a few days, when it will reach the French town, to finally recover the body.

Robiel  Will rest forever in Quingentole, a place that has been his home for several months, and where Robiel had time even to take up residence, to make friends, a place, especially where he lives stabilimente a part of his family, its true roots.

In a small cemetery of the plains will be remembered Robiel, son of the sun, which has crossed the desert and the sea, hoping to change his live and to bring together all his loved ones in a safe country The funeral will take place here, probably at the end of next week, as soon as the corpse will return from France. (dm)

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