Eritrean Cyclist Amanuel Mengis Ghebreindrias Wins Italy’s Trophy Bonfanti Race

Eritrean Cyclist Amanuel Mengis Ghebreindrias Wins Italy's Trophy Bonfanti Race


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Amanuel Mengis Ghebreindrias

Mastromarco (PT) – The ingredients for the perfect Sunday were all there – Sun, heat, many people, 152 members representing the finest Tuscan formations and extra for the 2nd Trophy Dover Danilo Bonfanti (organized dall'Asd Nibali Cycling Club Event and reserved for elite amateur / under 23).

 On the other hand in these parts, cycling is an important part in the social life of the people and not be a coincidence that several samples were born ciclisticamente talking about here, the last in order of importance is that Vincenzo Nibali, winner of the last Tour of Italy and among the favorites for the rainbow jersey in Florence on 29 September. In short, in the small hamlet of Lamporecchio expected success of athletes in biancoceleste jacket and instead Alberto Bettiol (spearhead of Mastromarco Dover) had to abdicate in front of Alfio Locatelli (Petroleum Wega Firenze) of merely the place of honor. A respectable result if we think that the high temperature made several victims. In fact, of the 120 starters only thirty have cut the banner of arrival. Alberto Bettiol sported a respectable athletic condition that the candidate to be able to wear the blue jersey for the World category.

Order of arrival 2nd Trophy Dover Danilo Bonfanti of 139 km at an average of 41.510 km / h.

1 Alfio Locatelli (Petroleum Wega Firenze), 2nd Alberto Bettiol (Mastromarco), 3rd Adam James Semple (SC Virtus Villa); 4th Mario Sgrinzato (Petroleum Florence); 5th Alessio Mischianti (Futura Matricardi); 6th Daniele Ferraresso (Cycling 2000); 7th Joseph Cicciari (Malmantile); 8th Evgeni Krivosheev (Maltinti); 9th Michele Gazzara (F. Coppi Gazzera) and 10 ° Mattia Bucci (Big Hunter).

Junior – The Tuscan calendar did not include competitions for this category so the local bands had to move in the neighboring regions. A Petrignano d'Assisi (Pg) was scheduled for the 18th Trofeo M. Petty that has seen the success of Amanuel Mengis Ghebreindrias, prominent element of the national Eritrea. Also in evidence Tuscan athletes with the second place of Manuel Pisces (Arezzo Bike Gs), the third category of the Italian champion Matthew Trippi (Fosco Bessi Calenzano) and the fourth column of Yuri (Fosco Bessi Calenzano).

Students – Second Seal seasonal Alessio Santerini (All Sports) that the goal of Chiesanuova Uzzanese (competition organized by the U.S. Toscogas Chiesanuova Uzzanese) beat Nicolas Nesi (Montecarlo Cycling) and Alessio Abruzzese (Team Valdinievole).

Order of arrival 21 ° Trophy Maionchi Nevio to the memory of 83 km at an average of 38.015 km / h.

1 Alessio Santerini (All Sports), 2nd Nicolas Nesi (Montecarlo Cycling) 3 ° Alessio Abruzzese (Team Valdinievole); 4th Galen Fabrizio (Coratti Cycling Team) 5th Raffaele Di Rosolini (Team Elite Service Cesenatico).

AllieviI – The challenge between Liguria and Tuscany, which was staged in Coreglia Antelminelli (Lu) was won by the Italian Riviera thanks to the first place of Jacopo Bascherini (Us Luni) who defeated the Tuscan Daniel Savini (Romagnano).

Order of arrival 20 ° Trofeo Alfredo La Cantina of 68 km at an average of 33.443 km / h.

1 Jacopo Bascherini (Us Luni), 2nd Daniel Savini (Romagnano), 3rd Philip Bertone (Uc Alassio) to 5''; 4th Gianni Pugi (Mobilieri Ponsacco) to 11''; 5th Edward Erluison (Regulus POL Ortonovese); 6th Simone Martini (Donoratico); 7th Klidi Jaku (Romagnano); 8th Simone Bagnoli (Mom and Dad Fanini Livorno); 9th Michael Grossi (Regulus) and 10 ° Nicholas Ferri (Fosco Bessi Calenzano) to 1 '00''.

Beginners 1st year – I do not have it done the sample Tuscan and Italian Davide Frequentini to win the 47th trophy G. Falorni (organized dall'Asd Velo Club Carrara), which was held in Bonascola (Ms). The athlete Olimpia Valdarnese, authentic protagonist of this season, on his way he met a wild Anselmo Francesconi, spearhead UC Cremasca.

Order of arrival 47 ° Trofeo G. Falorni of 35 km at an average of 37.804 km / h.

1st Anselmo Francesconi (Uc Cremasca), 2nd David Frequentini (Olimpia Valdarnese); 3rd Alessandro Del Ry (Gs Butese); 4th Engels Sanchez (Vc Bottagna) 5th Thomas Nencini (Fosco Bessi); 6th Alessandro Alduini (Borgonuovo Milior); 7th Andrea Tomi (Olimpia Valdarnese); 8th Simone Mauro (Borgonuovo Milior); 9th Carlo Lorenzo (Cycling Bordighera), 10 ° Gabriel Cavallo (Borgonuovo Milior).

Beginners 2nd year – Absolute domination of athletes outside the region in the 11th trophy G.Musetti (organized dall'Asd Velo Club Carrara). The victory went to Andrea Bartolozzi (Pedal Ossolano). The first athletes Tuscan Lorenzo Fioravanti, was ranked eighth.

Order of arrival 11 ° Trofeo G. Musetti of 35 km at an average of 37.804 km / h.

1 Andrea Bartolozzi (Pedal Ossolano), 2nd Nicholas Garibbo (Cycling Bordighera), 3rd Jordan Pellegrini (Andora Cycling); 4th Nicholas Vignolini (Vc Bottagna); 5th Omar Marouan (Gs Stradella) to 14''; 6 Daniel ° Donesana (Uc Cremasca) to 44''; 7th Alessandro Montali (Cycling Bordighera); 8th Lorenzo Fioravanti (Gs Butese); 9th Walter Parodi (Levante Eurothermo) and 10 ° Federico Marchi (Regulus Ortonovese POL).

Beginners 1st year – This category should not be the Sunday of the athletes in our house. Even in Chiesanuova Uzzanese (Pt) nell'21 ° trophy Maionchi Nevio memory (organized by the U.S. Toscogas Chiesanuova Uzzanese) has become a young man outside the region for the accuracy and Jonathan Kajamini (Pianorese).

Order of arrival 21 ° Trophy Maionchi Nevio of 38 km at an average of 35.625 km / h.

1 Jonathan Kajamini (Pianorese), 2nd Philip Baroncini (Massese) to 20''; 3rd Vladyslav Myronyuk (Coltan Grube); 4th Philip Stefanucci (Coltan Grube); 5th Leonardo Brunetti (New Sphinx Alma), 6th maicol Sodini (Toscogas Chiesanuova); 7th Alessio Acco (Gs Arezzo Bike); 8th Kevin Sodini (Toscogas Chiesanuova); 9th Federico Rossi (San Miniato Cycling) and 10 ° Vasco De Pasquale (Busto Garolfo).

Beginners 2nd year – The hot summer Damiano Santucci continues unabated. As of June 2, the day he got the first result of this in 2013 with a fourth place in wells Seravezza (Lu), the runner Cycling Cecina has strung together a wonderful set of results: 2 wins, 2 placings of honor and 4 quarts place. The second success got me to Chiesanuova Uzzanese demonstrating the existence of a truly enviable athletic condition.

Order of arrival 21 ° Trophy Maionchi Nevio of 38 km at an average of 35.625 km / h.

1 Damiano Santucci (Cycling Cecina), 2nd Andrea Innocenti (Pol Milleluci Cycling), 3rd Philip Magli (San Miniato Cycling) 4 ° Mattia Russillo (Team Valdinievole); 5th Matthew Paris (Aquila Ganzaroli) 6 ° Daniel Sisk (Gastone Nencini); 7th Federico Rossi (residential Circle Allende); 8th Ugo Zucaro (Via Nova); 9th Diego Pacifiers (Montecarlo Cycling), 10 ° James Cassara (Pedal Toscano Ponticino).


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