This is Merhawi Kudus

This is Merhawi Kudus

Merhawi Kudus13While in Olomouc in the Czech Republic on the stage  of European Championships, that weekend Italian amateur proposed some interesting events that have given surprises and interesting ideas to observers.

Certainly could be remembered for a long time the 2013 edition (the number forty-two in the calculation of the total) of Arrow Wine , the traditional summer scene on the streets of Pavia.We might remember it as a day when the race began to bloom the talent of an African runner when maybe they will to do well on a big stage race, together with the great there. Are days when inevitably the name of Christopher Froome, the British came from Kenya, is now on everyone's lips because of his triumph at the Tour de France but a small important step on the African continent is just off the streets thanks to a homegrown Eritrean just nineteen: Merhawi Kudus Ghebremedhin , this is his full name. 

For more could be played as the most illustrious of Carneades, and yet this young man who seems to have its greatest ascent in the land of expression, had not escaped the eye of the most careful observers or simply sick of cycling also willing to follow the race most remote in the world. It was during the Tour of Rwanda last year that his name sprang to the eye, because of his victory in the first portion of the lead in the standings and who knew how to keep up a few steps from the end.

Name that will surely be finished on some notebook and that meanwhile has allowed him to be accepted in the training center of the UCI, which take part in some races in Europe, waiting to start making even some first major experience in professionalism (from August 1 will in fact be an intern with the formation of the French Bretagne which should play in the Tour de l'Ain). In the meantime, however, he took the plunge to beat at the finish line of Castana, at the end of a sprint very uncertain, Gianfranco Zilioli, which these days is anything but simple. Both the Bergamo Team Colpack that the young class of '94 Mondiale du Cycling Centre were able to make a difference on the last lap, when they managed to escape from the main squad and move back on Giacomo Gallio, who up to that moment leading the race . Resumed the latter it has come to the final sprint where was the photo finish to determine the success of the athlete African exponent of a new country, Eritrea, which in recent years is proposing athletes from interesting gifts (think, for example, to Berhane). The generous Gallio, author of an excellent race, he still managed to complete the podium, finishing third at 6 "while the Albanian Redi Halilaj the Named Ferroli set the pursuers to 14", ahead of Alberto Nardin and Frenchman Clement Chevrier, recently starred in the Giro della Valle d'Aosta and that will surely be one of the most highly anticipated athletes in the upcoming Giro delle Valli Cuneesi. Also good evidence of Paul Bianchini, Named other athlete, who finished in ninth place while the top-10 was closed by Till Drobisch, another African athlete class of 1993 in the race with the UCI team of Namibian nationality.

The interesting and unusual challenge between Gianfranco Zilioli and the young Eritrean was, among other things, which began just 24 hours earlier when the athlete's Team Colpack was able to take up the47th Cirie-Pian della Mussa , Piedmontese race with the usual conclusion uphill over 1700 meters after traveling more than twenty kilometers upward. Race therefore called into question the grimpeur of race and therefore you could not help but notice the presence of Merhawi Kudus decisive action, where he was the only one able to keep the wheels of Zilioli and Manuel Senni, namely Colpack athletes who had attacked him earlier. In this case, however, the pincer Bergamo was decisive for the outcome of the race, combined of course with the amazing run of form of Zilioli, who attacked at about 3 kilometers from the conclusion to fly away alone to the finish line and center as the fifth win of the season (fourth in the last three weeks). A 1'05 "came to the finish line Senni and Kudus and has been the most rapid Romagna cue to get the better, although inevitably the Eritrean trial has aroused curiosity on this occasion and applause. A 1'25" is Stefano Nardelli was to precede all other trackers (also for the Trentino good form), preceding three athletes of the Monviso-Venice (Pichetta, Borella and Lavazza respectively fifth, sixth and eighth) and the Australian Benjamin Dyball, another athlete to follow that this season plays in the formation of the Swiss VC Bellinzona.

For the team Monviso-Venezia still on the afternoon of Saturday, July 20 proved equally to remember, since Marco Prodigious was able to hit his first win of the season in the 42nd Grand Prix Industry, Trade and Crafts Carnaghese , a race that until last year saw the scene professionals and that this season, after facing difficulties that they put at risk the dispute, decided to make room for amateurs, being registered as a national race 1.12. The usual layout on the streets of Varese, made ​​it very difficult not only by the treacherous tears even from the great heat, the expert runner Milan, now in the last year among the Elite having been born in 1987, managed to fit decisive action to svilluppatasi a lap before the end and comprising fifteen athletes, then had narrowed to nine in the last few kilometers.

It was precisely these to fight for victory and the great food for Prodigious managed to get the better of everyone else, letting the Team Colpack, one of the formations most protagonists in recent weeks, with some hint of regret occupy the remaining steps of the podium: second place is in fact went to Giorgio Bocchiola while the third place came the good Oliviero Troy. Afterwards came the other components of the escape, or Tizza, Halilaj, Busato and once again the Danish Garby, still in excellent condition after playing a magnificent Giro della Valle d'Aosta and among the leaders of the race along with Sedaboni instead came ninth, preceded by Giacobazzi. A 20 "instead of late has crossed the line Daniele Dall'Oste, which has thus closed the top-ten.

Weekend which ended very positively to the Euromobil Zalf Désirée Fior, came home with two wins among them the one obtained by Pierre Paul Penasa in the 44th Bologna Cup which took place in Montallese, in the province of Siena. This success strongly backed by the athlete Trentino, third at last year's winner in season GiroBio and Marche on the roads in the month of May, when he won the Memorial Ippolito Matricardi. After a run quite pull fact, Penasa has been able to exploit in their favor the long stretch of dirt road (more than seven kilometers of its length) where it was also a challenging place to launch his attack ripping and gap momentarily last year's winner Alessio Taliani and Polish Vejus Marcin Mrozek, rifattisi below in less than ten kilometers from the finish. This has therefore formed the trio that has come to play for the sprint final success, with Penasa to prevail with a good starting point on the Polish and Taliani who failed the second consecutive victory. A 7 "of detachment arrived at the foot of the podium from Brescia Andrea Garosio, another rider of Zalf, as well as Gianluca Leonardi than 1'14" preceded the trackers for fifth place, ahead of Mirko Trosino, Pierpaolo Ficara, the Italian champion Elite Paolo Colonna, Giuseppe Cicciari and Russian Sergei Pomoshnikov.

The team Treviso also managed to cheer also on home soil since the 17th Tour of Valcavasia recorded the third win of the season Nicolas Marini , which proved the fastest of all at the finish line of Cavaso del Tomba. Excellent preparation for the sprint sprinter who thus managed to enforce his great inspiration and to exult, leaving so definitively behind the ugly incident Brugnera. Behind him another placement for Alessandro Forner, who got the second position while the last step of the podium was occupied by David Martinelli, who returned to Italy after having competed in the European trial in the Czech Republic down from the podium instead Rino Gasparrini, forced to settle for fourth place, two runners in the top ten for both instead Breganze (Bevilacqua fifth and ninth Zanon) and for Marchiol, which instead has placed seventh and tenth Bresciani Chinello.

Finally, the past weekend has given an unprecedented double win even Futura Team directed by Franco Chioccioli, succeeded in hitting the target with two athletes both on the first absolute success among amateurs: Saturday 20 it was the turn of Alessio Mischianti that after several placements, is finally able to unlock in ' 8 ° Trofeo Oils Florence Bivigliano, managing to surprise everyone with an attack led to three kilometers from the finish, after that previously there had been an attack by Luca Benedetti selection to operate in the squad. Great satisfaction for the then not yet 21 years old Umbrian which was countered by the great regret of Petroleum Florence, very determined to win success in his home race to look for in the best way to honor the memory of Daniel Tortoli, the sports director who already for several seasons at the helm of the team and which boasted a wealth of experience within the world of amateur, died of an incurable disease last week. A Thomas Fiumana so it is not nothing left but to win the sprint of the pursuers but only earned him the place of honor, ahead of Alex Turrin which has thus confirmed as one of the men in the form of the moment (for the ten also Zalf Garosio, fifth, and Andreetta, seventh).Fourth position for Mirko Germans instead of Malmantile, even in the ten Australian Semple that on this occasion he finished in ninth place.

On the streets of Abruzzo instead played the role of the prophet in his own instead Ivan Martinelli , managed to unlock this is his fifth season among amateurs (first Elite) in the 23rd Morgan Memorial Capretta , held Sunday at Garrufo of Sant'Omero. The 23-year Lanciano has been part of decisive action of five athletes developed in the closing bars and managed to prevail, leaving behind a viable contender as Michele Scartezzini, with the other Abruzzo Ciommi (athlete of the Vega Montappone) completing the podium with the third position while in fourth and fifth position have concluded the two-bearer of Veloclub Senigallia Paolo Carlini Toto and Hector. First pursuers came to 22 "with Giampaolo Moreno to win the sprint for sixth place, much more detached everyone else.

Amateurs again engaged today in Tuscany for the dispute of the circuit Valle del Resco Vaggio but again the next weekend events not to miss the Giro delle Valli Cuneesi that starts on Sunday, July 28th from Bene Vagienna with a team time trial and the Bassano-Monte Grappa always in next Sunday will be one of the most interesting test for grimpeur our own.

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