Eritrean Cyclist Merhawi Kudus Overall Winner of Tour de Côte d’Or

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Eritrean Cyclist Merhawi Kudus Overall Winner of Tour de Côte d’Or

Dimitri Claeys (VL Technics-Abutriek) won Sunday's fourth and final stage of the Tour de Côte d'Or (National Elite) run over 137.4 kilometers between Dijon and Saint-Jean-de-Losne. Belgian ahead of Estonian Silver Schultz (Team Probikeshop Saint-Etienne Loire) and the French Mathieu Fernandes (CC Etupes). 

Merhawi Kudus (World Cycling Centre) Overall win the 10th edition. The Eritrean succeeds charts in Russian Kirill Pozdnyakov. Find below the reactions recueilles by . Dimitri Claeys (VL Technics-Abutriek) Winner of the fourth stage of the Tour of Gold Coast and third overall final "The tactic was to attack from the start . I tried my luck at the first GPM but Merhawi Kudus (World Cycling Centre) has made ​​the effort. Then 8 riders left. I thought the team would monitor the yellow jersey and the stage was not very attractive. So I went out against. Quentin Bernier (SCO Dijon) joined me shortly after. We fill a difference of more than one minute. It was very hard but we managed to get. I thought the overall victory, Quentin Bernier was a teammate and the gap increased to about 3 minutes. Unfortunately, in the final circuit, the agreement was not optimal and everyone was tired. So I attacked at the end of the penultimate lap. I do not have a big start, I gradually accelerated. I preferred to go alone because it was risky to wait for the sprint (he finished second in the second stage in a sprint, Ed). I do not know the riders of the. And I'm a good rider, I won two against the clock this year. This is my third victory in France this year after Gainsbarre and stage of the Tour of Piedmont Vosges. In total, I won 8 victories. My goal is to board professional. I know it will not be easy because I have 25 years. In 2010 and 2011, I was a professional at Team NetApp but this was not a team for me. I had all the time to roll the sprinter Eric Baumann. I too have never been able to play my card. Rudy Vandenheede (Athletic Director VL Technics-Abutriek) "At first, I told Dimitri to try the all out. When I saw that he could not aim the yellow jersey, I told him to attack at the bridge just before the final lap. He demonstrated that he was the strongest on this stage but it was not enough to get the jersey. Merhawki Kudus (World Cycling Centre) was the strongest throughout the race and especially on the climbs. It was he who did most of the work on the final. The results are satisfactory, we have won a stage, it is the 22nd victory of the team this season. Brecht Dhaene has been present. Tom Bosmans has often shown at the forefront, it is a talent and the great hope of the team for years to come. Next Sunday we have a big meeting with the against-the-clock team which will be the seventh round of the Top Competition. Edward Theuns be an important part alongside Dimitri Claeys and Brecht Dhaene. Then the next day, we have the Tour de Liege for 5 days which is also important. Merhawi Kudus (World Cycling Centre) 26th step and won the Tour de Côte d'Or "In the first climb, I was watching my most dangerous opponents. After the break is gone. When Dimitri Claeys (VL Technics-Abutriek) and Quentin Bernier (SCO Dijon) came out against, I did not panic. After 40 kilometers, I saw that there were more than 1'30 apart, I realized that it was very dangerous. My teammates did the forcing and created a border. It was very difficult to narrow the gap, of course I was a little nervous. In the last kilometers, I helped my teammates who shot a lot of work throughout the race. They were very strong. After my first success in Europe in the first step, now I won the general classification of the stage race. I am very happy! Soon, I will play a one-day race in Italy. After that, I'll be at the Tour de Leon in Spain. Then I will identify all stages of the Tour de l'Avenir with my team. The Tour de l'Avenir is a big goal. I hope to get the maximum points at the Nations Cup so we're six Eritreans in the World Championships. The course of the Championships is pretty hard this year it seems. I will be aiming a place on the podium. Jean-Jacques Henry (Sports Director of the World Cycling Centre) "My riders made ​​a mistake by letting Dimitri Claeys (VL Technics-Abutriek) and Quentin Bernier (SCO Dijon). I went to see them and tell them to catch up. They told me: "No, there's no worries, we manage! ". Finally, it was harder than they thought. They had sore legs, but it is a good thing, it gives them the experience. The four teammates Merhawi are good riders, they were able to restore the situation. This is my first success in a stage race in France since I lead the World Cycling Centre (he arrived there one year and a half replacing Michel Thèze, Ed). I had already won the Tour of Azerbaijan last year with Youcef Reguigui today at MTN pro-Qhubeka. More than the victory that matters to me is that they have learned something, the especially tactical but also technique. What I liked about Merhawi example, it is understood that many things tactically since he arrived in March, he manages to use the land with its capabilities and to gauge his opponents. The goal is to learn to become independent. Before the third step, for example, I exposed him two schemes race and it is then up to him to decide what to do. Quentin Bernier (SCO Dijon) 10th step and fifth overall final "When Dimitri Claeys (VL-Technichs Abutriek) went against, I have not seen. It is only when I attacked I realized that it was inserted. Initially, the goal was to tighten the race. I did not expect to go out alone, but he had to go anyway. Then I joined Dimitri Claeys (VL-Technichs Abutriek). At first, it was capped but in the last GPM at km 50 was well blocked the hole. We returned shortly after. Immediately, the agreement was good. It was until it was announced that they had 2'30 – 3 'lead. Then it was a little less of course in the final circuit. It was hard back on the road, everyone was a bit overcooked. The World Cycling Centre was helped by a few teams at the end. 8 riders started against several teams, it complicates things. I'm a little disappointed though. Of late, I was especially afraid that William Barillot lose its second place overall. Fortunately, he keeps it for one second, this is a great reward for him and the team.From my side, unlike the Tour Country Roanne, I managed to string together many different stages. Melvin Rullière (SCO Dijon) 4th stage and 34th overall final "Shortly after the last GPM in the false flat down to Villecomte a runner Toucy accelerated. We found 5. We had only 25 seconds ahead, and three riders returned. After that, we really expected return against the second with my teammate Quentin Bernier. If we had not slowed him and Dimitri Claeys (VL-Technichs Abutriek) would never return. Then we gave everything to the gap grow. We may have missed a bit of maturity is not in keeping the pedal, unlike Dimitri Claeys (VL-Technichs Abutriek). On two occasions, he had managed to get 20 yards and I had to plug the hole for Quentin. At its third acceleration, I wanted to get him, but Quentin told me to slow down. In the end, even if we ran for the win, we lose both ways, both for general and for the stage is a little disappointing. Anyway, I had to help the team because we had placed runners overall. I worked hard for Quentin but I know that I will reciprocate. Sebastian Grédy (Sports Director SCO Dijon) "Initially, the target was to attempt a shot at the border 30 km. They tried but the wind did not match. I would have thought more than once of a breakaway rim. When it's gone, I do not think Quentin would return. Melvin has been waiting for the blow. The gap went up to 2'40. The whole team of the World Cycling Centre rolled to the final circuit and other teams have rolled with them, while at the front, it rolled a little less. Dimitri Claeys (VL Technics-Abutriek) is strong, it scared me and it is checked. We played the whole. It was then too late to think of the stage. Melvin is sacrificed. In any case, my riders have tried everything. They were offensive, the situation is completely positive even if there is no victory in the end. For three months, the guys got the message. Adrien Guillonnet (VC Toucy) 6th stage, 17th overall and the final winner of the jersey rushes "In the first MOC I tried 4 or 5 times out. Since the start of the race, I felt good and I missed every time the right breakaway, it annoyed me and it itched! The day before I finished in a group just behind Frederic Talpin (VC Caladois) and Quentin Bernier (SCO Dijon). If I had been before, it would have changed the situation. That is why today, I really wanted to be. Benjamin Pascual knew he had to attack in the descending part after the first GPM. He came out with Jeremy Cabot. Behind, I took a shot against. My teammates were waiting for me. I was not too badly placed in the general classification, so I could expect back when the gap grew. In the end, the squad came back strong. For step, Dimitri Claeys (VL Technics-Abutriek) was too strong, we were in block with Benjamin and Jeremy. Finally, even when I get the green jersey of the rushes. I had collected a few points yesterday afternoon, so I knew I could get today. It's a bit ironic for me because I'm not a sprinter but a climber.

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