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Israel Doesn't Operate bases in Eritrea..



More investors to participate in Second National Investment Conference

Asmara, 13 December 2012 – The National Center for Investment indicated that the number of investors due to participate in the Second National Investment Conference which would be conducted from December 17 to 18 is beyond anticipation.

Mr. Yemane Gebresilasie, Head of Administration and Finance at the Center, explained that participation opportunities were allotted through provision of quotas as the number of applicants grew rampant. Moreover, he said that the Center is working hard to ensure a reliable means whereby interested nationals could obtain the desired information through national media outlets and papers to be presented there.

Accordingly, around 350 entrepreneur citizens engaged in 21 business domains pertaining to agriculture, transport, marine resource, tourism, construction and others in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, the Middle East and Africa would take part in the conference, in addition to 350 others residing in the country.

A number of participants have already arrived in Asmara, and those who are coming in an organized manner are expected to arrive at Asmara International Airport through various airline routes, according to reports.

It is to be recalled that the First National Investment Conference was held from 27 to 28 August this year. (Shabait)

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