Video: President Isaias holds discussion with community representatives of Southern region

Mendefera, 20 October 2012 – President Isaias Afwerki today held discussion in Mendefera city with more than 600 community representatives of the Southern region, including civil servants, focusing on development programs in general and infrastructure, as well as social services in particular.

In briefings he gave on the occasion, the Presidents noted the need for strong organization of human resources in the region with a view to ensuring sustainable development, and called for prudent consumption of this year’s harvest, in addition to the reinforcement of popular undertakings targeting soil and water conservation.

The community representatives from 12 sub-zones of the region commended the President’s visit aimed at face-to-face discussion with the people, and called for paying close attention to the renovation of dirt roads in remote areas, rural electrification, reinforcement of health services, land use and putting an end to deforestation, besides the opening of Banks in Debarwa and Adi-quala urban centers.

Following the opinions aired out by the participants of the meeting, President Isaias made reference to the ongoing endeavors towards promoting equitable development across the nation.

In the course of the one-day visit, the President inspected crop plantations in the areas of Kudo-Felasi, Maedo, Sememo, Gaebien and Adi-quala, and held discussion with Mr. Mustafa Nur-Husein, the regional Administrator, as well as heads and experts from the Agriculture Ministry’s regional branch office. (Shabait)