Sandman Negus Fundraising Drive



On September 27th, our Eritrean brother Sador Fesshaye tragically passed away and we are currently raising funds to send him back home for burial. Can you please help spread the word….

He left his mark……..
Many of you knew him as Sandman Negus, but for the people close to him, he was Sador Fesshaye; the kid whose ball of energy couldn’t be contained, the social and likeable guy who conversed with anyone and befriended everyone. He loved people and people loved him. Sador was more than an entertainer, he was someone’s son, brother, and best friend. This past Thursday, our beloved eritrean brother life was cut short. He left this life without fulfilling all his dreams and aspirations. For Sador music was not only his passion, it was also a gateway and ticket to escaping his environment. He made music for all, and though he grew up in a neighborhood were it was considered “not cool” to be a foreigner, he made sure everyone knew he was Eritrean. Eritrea was his heart, which is reflected in most of his music and involvement in the Eritrean community. It is hard for many of us to believe that he is no longer with us, but we will always cherish the memories we have of him. He had a smile that could light up the city of Los Angeles and a character that can never be replaced or duplicated. We will miss him until our last breath.

Let us not forget the Fesshaye family, our thoughts and prayers are with you. For those of you who like to donate to the Fesshaye family, an account is set up at 

Bank of America #3250-0362-0159    
or visit


We thank you for your support and generosity.


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