Eritrean national cycling team scored 1st to 3rd place in Saturday’s race in Rwanda

Eritrean national cycling team scores impressive victory in Kiwita Azina Cycling Rwanda 2011

The Eritrean national cycling team which is participating in the 3rd Edition of Kiwita Azina Cycling Rwanda 2011 scored impressive victory in  today’s competition by standing from 1st to 3rd ranks. Accordingly, Eritrean cyclists Daniel Teklehaimanot, Frekalsi Debesai and Meron Russom finished from 1st to 3rd respectively. 

In the cycling race in  which over 10 national teams are taking part and that is recognized by the World Cycling Race Association, Eritrean cyclists in general and African Champion of 2010, Daniel Teklehaimanot in particular, demonstrated excellent competence that won broad acclaim. 

Moroccan cyclist assumed 4th rank after Eritrean cyclists, and that the national team is represented in the race by cyclists Daniel Teklehaimanot, Frekalsi Debesai, Meron Russom, Dawit Haile, Jani Tewolde and Tesfai Abraha. The coach of the team, Mr. Samsom Solomon, and the head of PR in the National Cycling Federation, Mr. Tekie Unquai, as leader of the team have also traveled with the team.

The 2nd phase of  Rwanda Kiwita Azina Cycling Race is scheduled to take place in the evening  hours today and would conclude tomorrow.

Shabait: Asmara, 11 June 2011


Stage 1 > KigaliKigali

11 June

Stage results

1. TEKLEHAYMANOT Daniel   03:05:48
2. ABRHA Freqalsi   00:00:00
3. RUSSAN Meran   00:00:00
4. JELLOUL Adil   00:02:43
5. HABIYAMBERE Nicodem   00:02:52
6. HATEGEKA Gasore   00:04:07
7. NIYONSHUTI Adrien   00:04:53
8. ABRHAHA HABTEMARIAM Tesfay   00:05:39
9. ARAYA Dawit   00:07:19
10. HADDI Soufiane   00:10:15
11. CHAOUFI Tarik   00:10:15
12. KIPROTICH Hillary   00:10:15
13. RUDAHUNGA Emmanuel   00:10:15
14. SABER Lahcen   00:10:26
15. UWASE Nyandwi   00:11:42
16. ECHWA Joseph   00:11:42
17. BYUKUSENGE Nathan   00:11:42
18. KIPKEMEI Emmanuel   00:13:48
19. RUVOGERA Obed   00:13:48
20. MUYA Peter   00:15:34


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