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The Bread Basket of Eritrea Gash Barka region – Berhane Woldu

  “We did not sell gold to buy food” President Isaias Afwerki; NY 2011.   The morning light had broadened, gained greater depth, and lay in a clean sheet across the field, giving it a silver tincture. Not a single car was in sight except a carvel of camels traveling parallel to a tree-wreathed riverside. […]

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Tokombia Bridge making singificant contribution to development

Tokombia Bridge making singificant contribution to development of Gash-Barka region: inhabitants Barentu, 3 November 2011- The inhabitants of Tokombia semi-urban center said that Tokombia Bridge is making significant contribution to the development of Gash-Barka region. They explained that with the construction of the bridge they are in a position to enhance development activities as it […]

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Video: President Isaias Afwerki’s Tour of Gash- Barka and Southern regions

President Isaias Afwerki conducted a tour of inspection of the progress which development projects have made in Gash-Barka and Southern Administrative regions. In the course of the inspection tour in Gash-Barka, the President visited Bademit Micro-dam in Golij sub-zone that is under construction through Bidho Construction Company, during which he observed its construction process and […]

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