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PIA’s Interview Jan 2008
(English Translated)          

Eritrea: Interview about African
Countries and EU Conference in

Eritrea: Interview with Los
Angeles Times (7 Parts)

Dulles to Jendayi: CARTER's
Letters to ERITREA (2 Parts)

Eritrea: Regional and
International Diplomacy
(2 Parts)

Eritrea: Isaias Afwerki Gash-Barka
Tour Sep 19-21, 2007 (6 Parts)

Eritrea: Isaias Afwerki Zoba
Debub Tour Sep 26-28, 2007

Video: PIA interview with Japan Times (Oct 2008)

Video: PIA conducts inspection tour of infrastructure and agricultural programs in the Southern region

Video: PIA’s trip to Qatar and Dubai. Also PIA visited Mr. Al-Amin Mohammed Seid, PFDJ Secretary, who is receiving medical treatment in Dubai (Aug 21-24).

PIA's Independence Speech, Military Parade, Part Concert (May 24)

PIA's Trip to Yokohama, Japan (May 30, 2008)

Djibouti President’s Trip to Eritrea during the Sudan Peace Signing Ceremony 

VIDEO: PIA's Interview with Le Monde May 17, 2008

President Isaias’s interview with Reuters Part 1 |  Part 2 | Part 3 (May 13, 2008)
 "Eritrea’s mineral resources, especially gold, occupies top list in the region."

A year ago, during the peak of Somalia invasion and Jendayi’s threat to add Eritrea to Washington’s terror list: PIA’s interview (May 2007) about why Eritrea rejects Washington's policy and its servant agent (Woyane) in the Horn, and why Eritrea will always stand with the People of Somalia and the Horn to secure peace and stability.
PIA’s Trip to  Saudi Arabia following an invitation extended to him by King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz. He also held talks with the Foreign Minister of Norway, Mr. Jonas Gahr Store.  (Apr 27-28, 2008)

April 20, 2008: PIA interview with Al Jazeera (English Translated) / Tour of Eritrea 2008 Cycling Race Stage 9 Final Results. PIA, There exists no other border demarcation in Africa as clearly defined as that of the Eritrean-Ethiopian boundary.”

Eritrea: President Isaias Gash-Barka Tour (March 6, 2008)

Eritrea: President Isaias Afwerki’s Interview Jan 2008
(English Translated)
“Virtual demarcation is much
better, more accurate.”

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Eritrea: President Isaias Afwerki Gash Barka Tour (Dec 14 – 17, 2007)

Eritrea: President Isaias Afwerki’s interview about African Countries and the EU Conference in Portugal

PIA Gash-Barka Tour
(March 6, 2008)

Eritrea: PIA Gash-Barka Tour
(Dec 14 – 17, 2007)

Eritrea - Isaias Afewerki trip
to Khartoum, Sudan (Apr 2007)

Eritrea: 3195 Sawa Vocational
Students Graduated

Eritrea: Isaias Afwerki Trip To
Libya Oct 8-10, 2007 (2 Parts)

Eritrea - Isaias Afewerki trip
to UAE May 2007 (2 Parts)

Eritrea - Isaias Afewerki trip
to Qatar March 2007 (2 Parts)

Isaias Afwerki: Casting a
Referendum Vote for Eritrea

Eritrea - Isaias Afewerki trip
to Juba (Apr 2007)

Eritrea offers an untamed landscape of astonishing diversity, an interior rich in historical remains, a coastal gateway to some outstanding diving spots, and a broad, hospitable welcome. Eritrea will prove irresistible to those seeking adventure.
Asmara, Eritrea's capital is situated on the eastern edge of Eritrea's highland plateau. Asmara enjoys a great climate, clean and picturesque streets, attractive palm trees, and a reputation as one of the safest, calm and alluring capital cities in Africa.

Eritrea one of world’s top tourist destinations: Lonely Planet Institution

Asmara, 12 February 2008 - A well-known tourism institution, Lonely Planet, indicated that Eritrea is one of the world’s top tourist destinations.
The institution, citing the year 2008, pointed out that Eritrea is one of the world’s seven best tourist destinations. It further indicated that Eritrea is endowed with breathtaking landscape and pristine coral reefs.
It is to be noted that visiting tourists from different parts of the world have been expressing admiration to Eritrea’s rich tourism potentials and its hospitable people, noting that Eritrea is an island of peace

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