Eritrea a Proven Mining Jurisdiction

Eritrea is a proven mining jurisdiction

July 20, 2021: Eritrea has been relatively successful in attracting mining companies even under the severe constraints caused by the old geopolitical circumstances. The government is pragmatic in its approach to the development of the Eritrean mining industry. Its Mineral Proclamation is based on the Western Australian mining code, and it has not changed the mining or fiscal legislation since it was enacted. A prosperous and growing mining industry will provide Eritrea with much-needed income as well as employment in the operations and service sector. Eritrea is a fascinating and wonderful country and it is an honour to be trusted with the development of this significant asset. In the development of Colluli we take responsibility to ensure that all of our values are aligned across our activities and embedded in all of our practices. We are working with key stakeholders to optimise the benefits and social impacts of Colluli.

Source: Danakali Limited