Eritrea New Locust Swarm Invasion Under Control



Eritrea New Locust Swarm Invasion Under Control



Asmara, 28 February 2020- The new desert locust swarm that was detected on 21 February at Demas and Yangus areas in the Ghinda sub-zone, Northern Red Sea region and that was stretched in more than 400 hectares was put under control.



Indicating that the origin of the desert locust was not yet known, Mr. Dawit Angesom from the Ministry of Agriculture said that immediate response was made upon receiving report on the prevalence of the locust.




Noting that the activity was part of the effort conducted to control the desert locust invasion in July 2019, Mr. Ghide Kiflai, from the coordinators of the campaign, said that the Ministry of Agriculture is ready in all aspects for any eventuality of detecting cross border locust invasion.



The campaign was conducted in coordination of the public, members of the Eritrean Defense Forces as well as staff members of the Ministry of Agriculture and area administrations.