Eritrea Strategic Roads Under Construction



Eritrea Strategic Roads Under Construction



December 30, 2019- According to reports, roads that have strategic social-economic importance are under construction in the Gash Barka region.




The roads that are under construction by the Adi-Halo project and Segen and Bidho Construction Companies include 160 km Kerklebet-Haranait road, about 36 km from Forto to Tamarat through Wakai, as well as renovation of 70 km road from Bisha to Forto Sawa and asphalting 110 km Tesenei-Omahajer road.



The coordinator of the construction of the Kerkebet-Haranait road, Mr. Fekadu Tekle, from Adi-Halo Project, indicating the significance of the road in the socio-economic development of the country said that the machinery assisted construction also includes construction of bridges.




More over, the roads under construction linking Forto with Tamarat and Bisha with Forto will significantly reduce the existed kilometers that people could have travelled by vehicles.



The residents in the areas commending the construct of the roads expressed expectation that upon completion the roads will significantly contribute in improving their livelihoods.