Eritrea Press Release: Qatar Unbridled Acts of Hostility



Eritrea Press Release: Qatar Unbridled Acts of Hostility



As it will be recalled, the GOE had issued several statements in the past that elucidated Qatar’s deplorable schemes of subversion using the Sudan as a springboard. In this particular year in which the prospects of using the Sudan as a suitable venue for launching terrorist activities has become increasingly slimmer, the desperation of Qatar, its sponsors and minions has accordingly become higher.



In the event, the 10-point scheme of subversion that Qatar has mapped out consists of: (the scheme also includes fueling ethnic clashes in Port Sudan)*



1. To regroup Eritrean opposition political leaders; unify their associations and extend requisite support to the latter;



2. To give special focus to Eritrean youth; unify their associations and incite them to engage in acts of rebellion against the Eritrean government;



3. To instill religious extremism on Eritrean Islamist opposition elements and thereby induce an uprising of Eritrean Muslims against their compatriots;



4. To sow the seeds of ethnic cleavage and hatred among the Eritrean people;



5. To launch efforts to induce protests and demonstrations in Eritrean cities against the Government;



6. To give military training (in the Sudan) to “Muslim Brotherhood” opposition elements in the planting of landmines, ambushes and assassination of prominent government officials; to facilitate their infiltration into Eritrea to conduct these operations;



7. To assassinate influential Eritrean leaders;



8. To conduct acts of economic sabotage in Eritrea;



9. To intensify hostile propaganda;



10. To publicize human rights violations in Eritrea in international organizations and foreign countries; to disseminate documents and videos to that effect.



The above constitutes, in brief and skeletal form, Qatar’s nefarious, even if inconsequential, agenda.



Ministry of Information Asmara | 28 November 2019