Eritrean Students Leave for Sawa



Eritrean Students from Central Region Leave for Sawa



Asmara, 21 August 2019- More than four thousand students from 17 Secondary Schools in the Central region have left for Sawa today, 21 August to continue their grade 12 education at the Warsai-Yikealo School in Sawa and to attend the 33rdround of the national service.



Upon departure from their respective schools the students were seen off by their parents and a number of Asmara residents.



The remaining about two thousand students from five high schools are due to depart on Saturday 24 August.




Mr. Belai Habtegabir, head of the Ministry of Education branch in the Central region, indicated that about six thousand students from 22 high schools in the Central region are scheduled to leave for Sawa and that 51% are female students.



The students said that they are aware why they are going to Sawa and that they are physically and psychologically ready for the new lifestyle in Sawa.



The 11 grade students from the Northern and Southern Red, Anseba, Gash Barka and Southern regions have already left for Sawa to pursue their 12 grade education at the Warsai-Yikealo Secondary School.