Eritrea Martyrs Day Commemoration: Over 4.6 Billion Nakfa Disbursed in Support of Martyrs





Eritrea Martyrs Day: Over 4.6 Billion Nakfa Disbursed in Support of Martyrs



Martyrs Day is being commemorated all over Eritrea with variety of solemn functions on the eve of June 20th. Prayers were held at St. Michael’s Church this morning in Asmara & similar event is scheduled at the Grand Mosque this afternoon.Candle vigil will take place this evening.



Over 4.6 billion Nakfa disbursed in support of families of martyrs


Asmara, 19 June 2019- The Government of Eritrea over the past 15 years has disbursed over 4.6 billion Nakfa in support of families of martyrs.



In the interview with Erina in connection with Martyrs Day 20 June, Mr. Zeray Tekleab, head of Families of Martyrs Wellbeing, said that according to proclamation 137/2003 the Government started to pay families of martyrs 500 Nakfa monthly since 2004 and that yearly the Government makes about 350 million Nakfa payment.



Mr. Zeray went on to say that apart from the monthly payment, the Government has disbursed over 144 million Nakfa in support of needy families of martyrs and material support and training to enable families of martyrs become self supportive and productive members of the society.



Mr. Zeray further stated that nationals living inside the country and abroad have also taken the initiative to support families of martyrs and that many have assumed responsibility to support more than one families of martyrs.



Renovating residential houses and ploughing and collecting agricultural harvest has created spiritual satisfaction of families of martyrs, Mr. Zeray added.