Ethiopia’s Relation With Eritrea and Influential Countries Improved Significantly: Panelists



Ethiopia’s Relation With Neighboring, Influential Countries Improved Significantly: Panelists | March 23, 2019 



Addis Ababa, – Scholars have described the peace deal between the Ethiopian and Eritrean governments as a major diplomatic step taken in the history of the country.



Speaking about Ethiopia’s foreign policy and African participation at a panel that opened yesterday, the panelists also said the country’s relation with neighboring countries and influential countries has improved significantly.



African Union advisor and consultant, Abdul Mohammed said the change from hard border to soft border has created a spirit of peace among the border residents of Ethiopia and Eritrea, and demonstrated the fruits of diplomatic way of conflict resolution.



He pointed out that Ethiopia’s role in the Horn of Africa emanates from the significant responsibility that the country is shouldering to bring peace in the region in multi-lateral regional relations.



“We need to investigate our vulnerability and the opportunities we can get from the events unfolding in the Red Sea littoral countries,” he further pointed out.



Former UN Special Envoy for the Sahle, Hirut Gebresellassie said there is a need to bring together those who live in the cross-border areas of the country to benefit more from the Ethio-Eritrea peace and to support Ethiopia’s reform in the diplomatic arena.



Former diplomat and IGAD’s Head of Capacity Building Department, Hiruy Emmanuel said peace benefits any of the countries in setting a proper framework for settling disputes and to cooperate for mutual development.



He noted that embassies must scale up their efforts in promoting foreign relation to strengthen the relations of the country with other nations.



Foreign policy analyst, Solomon Ayele said Ethiopia and Eritrea must promote economic integration.



He emphasized on the need to create a joint forum with the Gulf countries on the basis of institutional relations.


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Ethiopia must also strengthen its role in the United Nations and work on multi-lateral relations, he said.



A two-day forum dialogue under the theme, “Ethiopia’s foreign policy and African participation”, kicked off in Addis Ababa yesterday in lieu of the first year of Prime Minister Abiy’s administration, according to ENA.