New Ethiopian Law to Disarm ክልል Regional Police from Conventional and Heavy Weapons





New Ethiopian Law to Disarm Regional Police from Conventional and Heavy Weapons | March 7, 2019



Legislative bodies, including the state legislature and the federal government, were drafted to finalize a draft law defining the type of weapon they could use.



Sources said that the draft law was prepared by a federal prosecutor, which has been drafted by a technical expert on legal and regulatory issues, and that the document has been finalized and is currently under discussion with stakeholders.



The draft law legal document is entitled “The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia’s Military Determination Proclamation”, which introduces the introduction of armed inspections in order to maintain the peace and security of the country and of the people, and the need to protect the rights and security of citizens and the people. The introductory transcripts of the law provide the law that the armed forces are required to establish a mechanism for the preservation of the peace and security of the community and the need to establish a consistent system of laws that are not covered by the existing laws and procedures.



The draft law provides for the type and amount of firearms allowed to security guards, and includes legal interpretations for law enforcement.



According to the draft law, law enforcement forces may be armed, non-automatic or semi-automatic weapons, ammunition and other related objects permitted to be wiped out by the draft law.



The Reporter noted that the law was designed to ensure that security experts could fulfill the legal requirements of the international law and to maintain the state of the artillery control and use of weapons in the country.



Above all, the draft law is unique in that its constitutional right to use the power of the federal government in its own right of the regional states to regulate the power of state power in the federal government should be promoted.