Eritrea – One of the Most Beautiful African Countries




Eritrea – One of the Most Beautiful African Countries



Software Translation from Slovenian | Feb 2, 2019



When Eritrea says, what do you imagine? Poverty? Refugees? Or a long armed conflict with Ethiopia? What do we actually know about a country that is considered to be one of the hottest in the African continent?



The aircraft lands on a dark landing surface. Everywhere is dark as in the corner and the airport is not well-lit. Only a few eyes are watching the plane of the Egyptian airplane from the landing surface. The aircraft are only domestic and we. While we are tourists, the home was on shopping in the capital of Egypt. Baggage as Slovaks in the 90’s goes to passport control.



When I get a blue visa stamp I have so hard to get, it will be heard from the mouth of the official: “Welcome to Eritrea” and smiles from ear to ear. It is the smile that will accompany us all over Eritrea. Actually, we are a good attraction here, people are stopping with us and nice English ask not only how we get here but also how we like it here. And how do I like it?



Art Deco on every corner



I have to say that I make the capital of Asmara the first five of the most beautiful African cities. Gave the name of Asmara in uja googla and see what will look at you. It’s a city where you can find the most art-déco-style buildings. Not only the main street, but also the marginal parts. “The Italians, who built it all in Mussolini’s time, called Asmara little Rome,” says a local guide proud of his city. “Asmara has a different life than anywhere in the country, here everyone lives on a high leg, even if there is no bread.” The proof is just a stylish art deco café where the barista will make you the best coffee in the world. If you Do not believe? Come to taste and see that the black liquor will taste you more than somewhere on the main square in Rome. Hundreds of people sit over coffee and discuss the situation in the country.



The best coffee in the world ... Come and convince yourself

The Best Coffee in the World …



The most famous cinema Roma, where you can also have one of the best coffee

The most famous cinema Roma



“Today is all for the better. The borders are opened, the guns are slashed, and the government focuses on the welfare of the people, “the guide wins me into the problem. “Still, we still have some limitations that annoy us. We can not do the robot we want, and we have to serve the state for as many years as we can tell, “he says sadly over the coffee he fits into.



Once you get to Asmara, go to the local cinema. Not only will you be delighted by the beautifully decorated interior, but also what you are going for here. On football! Just imagine that every Friday and Saturday, hundreds of people in cinemas watch direct broadcasts of the English Football League. And guess what they’re drinking! Coffee! Asmara will just get you.



Our destination was not only Asmara, but also the port city of Masawa and the Dahlak Islands. The only way is a great experience. 108 km you go through a beautiful alpine environment. From the height of 2300 meters, where Asmara is located, you go down to a point zero to the port city of Masawa, which once belonged to the most important port cities in the Red Sea. Even today, they would certainly be among the major cities if Ethiopians did not bombard the 90s, and so from the famous buildings remained only debris. Masawa is also significant because Islam has first penetrated the territory of Africa. We have used the city as the starting point for the local islands that are rich in the rich underwater fauna and flora. You will find here not only corals of different shapes and colors, but also the swarms of fish that float around you. I was most fond of being here alone. No one, only us, the silence and the empty beach.



Dahlak Islands

Dahlak Islands



Beautiful Masawa even though destroyed

Beautiful Masawa even though destroyed by years of war



I imagined Eritrea completely different. Maybe that’s why I was so surprised and left myself alone. I just fell in love and I know I will definitely come back. If you also drop the prejudices from the less-visited countries, you will also be pleasantly surprised.