UNHRC Delegations Praised Eritrea on Human Rights | 32nd Session Universal Periodic Review




UNHRC Delegations Praised Eritrea on Human Rights at the 32nd Session Universal Periodic Review



www.ohchr.org | Jan. 29, 2019 



GENEVA — Nation after nation lined up at the UN’s human rights council yesterday to shower praise on Eritrean government’s human rights record in a mandatory review that all UN member states undergo every five years. (See below today’s statements praising Eritrea’s human rights record.)



H.E. Mr. Tesfamichad Gerhatu, Ambassador of Eritrea (Introduction) – no sound 5min





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Following is a selection of the praise that Eritrea received when its human rights record was reviewed.



Russia: “Eritrea has progressed significantly in the sphere of human rights.”



China: “Highly appreciates Eritrea’s progress in the promotion and protection of human rights.”



Saudi Arabia: Commends “a number of achievements (by Eritrea), distinguished in promoting human rights.”



South Africa: Our delegation is “encouraged by (Eritrea’s) efforts to promote the development and well being of children.”



Sudan: “We commend positive development (by Eritrea) in plans for rural development.”



Zimbabwe: “Eritrea devised a number of initiatives to enhance economic, social, and cultural rights.”



Bahrain: “We hail the relentless efforts undertaken by the government (of Eritrea) in the health sector.”



Mexico: “We recognize the progress made (by Eritrea), including in the increased registration of girls in schools.”



Myanmar: “We congratulate Eritrea for the implementation of recommendations made during the last cycle.”



Pakistan: “We appreciate efforts made by the government (of Eritrea) in education, health, political participation, improvement of the justice system, and food security.”



Philippines: Our delegation “recognizes efforts made by the government (of Eritrea) to advance the protection of women and children.”



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