Ethiopian Army Undertaking Reform: Defense Chief




Reform In Defense Forces Vital For Army To Fulfill Mission: Minister | Jan 9, 2019



Addis Ababa, (FBC) –The reform undertaken in the defense forces would help the army to effectively fulfill their mission, said Engineer Aisha Mohamed, Ethiopia’s Minister of Defense.



Engineer Aisha today presented her ministry’s six-month performance report to the House of People’s Representatives (HPR).



A lot military modernization programs were carried out in the past six months by making amendment on 20 articles of the Defence Forces Proclamation, she told the House.



She further said works were underway to build stronger defense forces that are capable of fulfilling their national mission.



In order to re-establish a naval force, the country has tried to drawn lesson from French and Kenyan naval forces, she added.



During the past six months, army members who met the requirements were promoted and about 7, 017 others retired from the military for failing to pass a psychometric test, she said. The new military platform also restructured and downsized the number of regional commands to four from the previous six





Engineer Aisha also responded to questions raised by members of the House for further explanation on the reform and composition of the military.