Italian Foreign Minister Emanuela Del Re in Eritrea for Win-Win Cooperation




Italian Deputy Minister Emanuela Del Re in the Horn of Africa for win-win cooperation



From 3 to 9 December will be in Eritrea, Ethiopia



Software Translation from Italian | Dec 3, 2018



Rome – Deputy Foreign Minister with responsibility for International Cooperation, Emanuela Del Re, this week is visiting Eritrea, Ethiopia and Djibouti. A confirmation of the “great importance that Italy recognizes to recent developments” recorded in recent months in the region of the Horn of Africa, after the signing of the peace agreement between Eritrea and Ethiopia, and to support open cooperation to the business world that favors a development capable of attacking “poverty and underdevelopment, which are the root causes of migratory movements that affect Italy”.



The Horn of Africa “is a priority area, even more so after the peace agreement”, sources from the Farnesina told Advisanews, recalling the visit of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte last October to Ethiopia and Eritrea. For his part, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Enzo Moavero Milanesi, has had in recent months several meetings with his counterparts from the two countries, the last of which at the Italy-Africa conference at the Farnesina. On that occasion, Moavero expressed the Italian readiness to “accompany its economic growth and sustainable development” with an “industrial cooperation and investment, a strengthening of commercial relations and collaboration in the field of culture”.



In the Horn of Africa Italy has been present for years with development cooperation projects and different business realities, but today the region, with the rediscovered peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia and the recent lifting of the UN sanctions in Asmara, offers new “possibilities” commercial. ” In this context, sources added, “development cooperation can be launched that benefits both the donor and the beneficiary, with the involvement of individuals within the projects, so that real development can be created, focusing particularly on young people. also because poverty and underdevelopment are the root causes of migratory movements that affect Italy “. In the three countries of the Horn of Africa Del Re will therefore have “political meetings at the highest levels”,



During the first stage in Eritrea, from 3 to 5 December, the Deputy Minister will meet the Italian community, will visit the Italian school of Asmara and the Italian military cemetery; will then participate in the inauguration of a cardiology department for adults at the Orotta di Asmara hospital, financed with Italian funds; and “will facilitate a moment of dialogue between Italian entrepreneurs active in the tourism, agribusiness and textile sectors with Eritrean ministries and competent officials”. The Italian textile company Za.Er has been active in Asmara since 2004. The vice-president will visit the plant.


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On December 6 and 7 Del Re will be in Addis Ababa: after the first day dedicated to political meetings, the Deputy will meet the Comites, Italian companies, and will visit the Italian school. On the development cooperation front, he will go to the Don Bosco school, which has almost 3,000 students, and to the Institute for the development of the leather industry.



In Djibouti, the last leg of the journey, Del Re will visit the Italian military base, which provides logistic support to the national contingents operating in the Horn of Africa area and in the Indian Ocean; then it will be at the International Exhibition of Djibouti (DIFT), scheduled from 3 to 10 December, and will inaugurate an ICE desk, as a branch of the ICE in Addis Ababa.



During the visit, no new agreements will be signed, the sources have specified, but the Deputy Minister wants to bring “support for the cooperation projects that Italy has already launched and launch the idea of ​​open cooperation to the business world”.