Ethiopia Completes Study To Use Eritrean Ports



Ethiopia Completes Study To Use Eritrean Ports | Oct 9, 2018


Addis Ababa, October 9, 2018 (FBC) – Ethiopia has finalized a study which specifies port usage rates and logistics service provisions that will be available when it begins using Eritrean ports.



Ethiopia and Eritrea agreed to normalize ties after 20 years of stalemate with the opening of embassies, free travel of people, airline links, direct international telephone connection, and use of ports.



Leaders of the two countries further agreed to boost their economic relations with the use of Eritrea’s ports of Massawa and Assab.



Yeshi Fekade, communication director at the Ethiopian Maritime Affairs Authority (EMAA), told FBC that works were underway to equip port of Massawa with the necessary facilities, including renovation of roads.



A team tasked to study port usage rates and logistics services has also finalized its study, the director indicated.



Eritrea is also conducting its own study regarding port tariff, she said.



Prime Minister Dr Abiy said last July that Ethiopia will resume using Eritrea’s port.