Zambaiti Eritrea ( Italian Desire for Investment Grows with Peace



Eritrea The Entrepreneur: The Desire for Italy grows with peace



Software Translation from Italian | Oct 8, 2018



Zambaiti to ‘Dire’ on understanding with Ethiopia and visit Premier Conte (DIRE) 8 Oct. – “In Asmara they expect Italy to play a role, helping to realize the promises of peace with Ethiopia and to start a path of economic development “: Pietro Zambaiti, CEO of, the first industrial textile company in Eritrea, talks with the agency ‘Dire’ about the mission of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte in the Horn of Africa.



In Asmara, the head of Italian government will arrive in Addis Ababa this week, covering a route that for at least 20 years has been banned from citizens and diplomats. Scheduled meetings with Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki, signatories of the reconciliation agreement of July with the commitment to relaunch bilateral relations after a war that caused about 80 thousand deaths between 1998 and 2000. “Eritrea became independent only in 1991 and then lived in a ‘no peace no war’ and an embargo,” the premise of Zambaiti. It was his father, in 2004, to record for the symbolic value of a dollar the buildings of Cotonificio Barattolo, historic but also now collapsing: “The machines were useless and the company needed huge investments in machinery and know-how” remembers the businessman.



Today the Za.Er. produces about a thousand shirts a day addressed to the Italian and European market, as well as work clothing for the local and African market. A model company also from a social point of view, who operated in a difficult context, emphasizes Zambaiti.



Convinced that today Italy must above all “work to consolidate the peace agreement with Ethiopia, promoting the start of new economic activities and helping to create the conditions necessary to attract investment”. The assumption is that, beyond colonialism, our country has left a positive legacy. “The Italians created companies of excellence and taught a profession, until the nationalization of the Ethiopian government in the ’70s,” says Zambaiti. “Today they could help Eritrea in the manufacturing, agro-business and tourism sectors, with the beauty of the coasts, the Dancalia region and Asmara itself, proclaimed by UNESCO as a world heritage site for its buildings modernists. ” And peace with Addis Ababa, Will it also guarantee benefits on an economic level?



“Ethiopia is a country of over one hundred million inhabitants, with its own industrial development but without an outlet to the sea” Zambaiti replies: “Eritrea, which has only five million inhabitants, could make it available to it, contributing to attract new investments also thanks to an interesting and growing market “. Perspectives, these, of which Ahmed and Afewerki discussed in Asmara again at the beginning of September. “The summit was also an opportunity for a visit to the stand”, recalls Zambaiti: “Both have worn the shirt of our Peace Butterfly campaign, which Ahmed then showed in his speech for the Ethiopian New Year September 11, live TV “. (Vig / Dire) 17:30 08-10-18