Video: ERi-TV Eritrea News ዜና (Sept 6, 2018)



Video: ERi-TV Eritrea News ዜና (Sept 6, 2018)


Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia Tripartite Asmara Summit


Ethiopian Embassay Opens in Asmara



Joint Declaration on Comprehensive Cooperation Between Ethiopia, Somalia and Eritrea


Considering that the peoples of Ethiopia, Somalia and Eritrea share close ties of geography, history, culture and religion as well as vital common interests;



Respecting each other’s independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity;



Desiring to bolster their historical ties to achieve their lofty objectives;



The Governments of Ethiopia, Somalia and Eritrea have reached the following agreement that reflects the aspirations of their peoples:-



1. The three countries shall foster comprehensive cooperation that advances the goals of their peoples.



2. The three countries shall build close political, economic, social, cultural and security ties.



3. The three countries shall work in coordination to promote regional peace and security.



4. The three governments hereby establish a Joint High-Level Committee to coordinate their efforts in the framework of this Joint Declaration.



Done in Asmara, September 5, 2018



For the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed



For the Federal Republic of Somalia
President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed



For the State of Eritrea
President Isaias Afwerki