Ethiopia Amhara Regional State and Amhara National Democratic Movement Sign Reconciliation Agreement in Asmara



ARS and ANDM sign reconciliation agreement



Asmara, 16 August 2018- The Amhara Regional State and Amhara National Democratic Movement have signed reconciliation agreement today 16 August in Asmara.



According to the agreement the Amhara National Democratic Movement will conduct its political activities in Ethiopia through peaceful means.



At a press conference Mr. Neguse Tilahun, Head of Communications of the Amhara Regional State said that extensive discussion has been made with the Amhara National Democratic Movement on the implementation of the agreement, and that they have agreed to work for the benefit of the Amhara people in particular and that of the Ethiopian people in general.



Mr. Neguse also expressed appreciation to the effort the Eritrean Government demonstrated in the success of the agreement.



The Chairman of the Amhara National Democratic Movement, Mr. Teferi Kassahun on his part indicated that the movement has been struggling for the change that is currently prevailing in Ethiopia.








Ethiopia Amhara Regional State Delegates in Eritrea for Talks with Rebels | August 16, 2018



A week after Oromo regional state officials traveled to Eritrea for talks with Oromo Liberation Front leaders, Some Amhara regional state officials have traveled to Asmara for talks with Amhara Democratic Forces Movement (ADFM) rebels who have been operating in Eritrea for more than eight years now.



According to a report by Amhara Mass Media Agency (AMMA), the regional state’s media, the representatives left Ethiopia today.



“Government has a strong interest in the return of ADFM and its peaceful participation in the politics of the country, and that is what we intend to achieve in the trip to Eritrea,” the region’s Communications Affairs Head, Nigussu Tilahun, is a quoted as saying, in Amharic, by AMMA.



The report added that the delegates will be meeting with the organization’s chairman and its military leaders.



ADFM rebels’ representatives were in Ethiopia last week responding to government’s call for political movements outside of Ethiopia to enter the country and struggle peacefully.



Tazebew Assefa, the rebels’ representative, is cited as saying that the region’s initiative to send delegates for talks with his comrades in Eritrea is relevant to make the rebel’s movement a peaceful one as they aspire to contribute their part for people in the region.



In their stay in Eritrea, Amhara regional state delegates will hold talks with Eritrean officials including president Isayas Afeworki.