Eritrean Daniel Mesfun Wins Cleveland Marathon

Winner of Cleveland Marathon called into question over possible technicality | May 20, 2018



CLEVELAND – The winner of the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon is under review for a possible technicality.



Marathon officials said they are looking into whether Daniel Mesfun of Eritrea broke any rules for having his shirt on over his bib.



Some of the other runners claim they didn’t know Mesfun, who clocked in at 2:16:33, was running the full marathon because they couldn’t see his bib.



Runners from the marathon, half marathon and other races all compete at the same time, which caused the confusion.



Race director Jack Staph said there’s no doubt Mesfun completed the entire course, but assures the public they are looking into the complaint. They will make a final decision in the next few days.