Eritrean Berhane’s Response to a German Politician Who Caused Stir with his Comments on Migrants

Foreigners uncertain whether blond man at the bakery is decent German or Christian Lindner



Software Translation from German | May 14, 2018





Berlin (dpo) – Is he still safe here? A customer with a migration background in a Berlin bakery branch currently does not know exactly whether a blond man in the queue in front of him is just a righteous citizen or the FDP chairman Christian Lindner.




“That makes me very nervous,” says Erik Hendrik Berhane, who sees the suspicious, medium-sized man in the suit only from behind. “You can not tell from the back, whether that is a hard-working, decent German or even the head of a supposedly liberal party, which tries to campaign with AfD sayings .”


Berhane is well aware that most Germans pursue a respectable profession and that they are not Christian Lindner, but there is always some doubt.


“Sure, this is probably just a normal, respectable citizen,” said the 24-year-old, while he slowly backwards towards the exit. “But if it’s the Lindner, then I panic, in the end he comes here and wants to publicly shake my hand to show that he is not a racist.”


The man takes his turn, buys a farmer’s bread and throws the remaining money into the collecting tin for the homeless help. Jemal Berhane relaxes: “Phew, now I’m relieved, that was definitely not Christian Lindner.”







German politician causes stir with comments on migrants in bakery




Software Translation from German | May 14, 2018

German Free Democrat leader Christian Lindner has been accused of giving Nazis everywhere “the pretext to harass people of color.” Lindner had been trying to make a point about immigration policy.


Christian Lindner, head of the Free Democratic Party (FDP) (picture-alliance/dpa/W. Kumm)

Christian Lindner



Christian Lindner, the charismatic young leader of the business-friendly Free Democratic Party (FDP), provoked criticism and ridicule on social media after talking about foreigners ordering bread during a speech at a party convention in Berlin on Saturday.



At one point in his wide-ranging speech to delegates, Lindner described tensions between Germans and foreigners in a bakery waiting line to make a point about the FDP’s immigration policy.



“When you’re standing in line in the bakery and someone in front of you orders a sandwich in broken German,” Lindner said, “you can’t discern whether he is a highly qualified artificial intelligence engineer from India or a foreigner who is being tolerated here illegally.”


FDP party convention in Berlin (picture-alliance/dpa/W. Kumm)



This difficulty, he added, underscored the importance of an immigration policy based on “liberalism” and the “rule of law.”



“The others in line need to be confident that everyone who is here is staying here legally to ensure that they don’t fear this [foreigner] or look at him skeptically,” he said.



‘Pretext to harass people of color’



The comments quickly drew fire on social media.



“We’re allowed to look at people who speak broken German skeptically because we can’t be sure they came here legally?” Marek Dutschke, the son of the German student activist Rudi Dutschke, wrote on Twitter. “This is an endorsement for people to behave aggressively and hostile toward strangers,” he added.



Lindner’s words also led one FDP member, Chris Pyak, to renounce his membership of the party.



“I’ve just left the FDP,” he wrote on Twitter. “Christian Lindner’s speech gave Nazis everywhere the pretext to harass people of color,” he added.